Hello and welcome to  my food, health and lifestyle blog PocketsizedCook, formerly known as CrystalCosmicChic. What started out purely as a fashion blog back in 2013 has now blossomed into so much more. 

I'm Nokhuthula, a 20 something overindulgent food lover, Human Nutrition and Dietetics student, health enthusiast and excessive homecook/baker living in beautiful Wales, UK. I find the Science of food and how the different properties within it affect different medical conditions rather intriguing. I have read books like The Small Change Diet, No Whine With Dinner, The Diet Delusion, In Defense Of Food: An Eater's Manifesto, Fast Food Nation and Eat Your Way To Happiness. It just so happens that In Defense Of Food: An Eater's Manifesto is one of my favourite books.

Apart from being a self-confessed health foodie; I'm also a Sociology and Criminology Graduate, Dental Nurse and Visual Merchandiser. My head is usually buried in a book and I thoroughly enjoy architecture, writing, music and experiencing different cultures. 

This blog has become a place I share my passions, the puzzles life presents, my hopes and dreams. Writing is therapeutic for me, it helps to change my outlook, improve my mood and regulate emotions.  In May 2016, I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and I am successfully managing it through diet and exercise. Bad days are inevitable but keeping positive is key. IBS is a subject that's rarely ever talked about, it is an embarrassment to the masses but it is also a real problem that needs to be addressed accordingly. I am doing my bit in helping to raise awareness of this widespread disorder, we bloaters deserve a lot more recognition.

Fast Facts

- I was born in Zimbabwe.

- I love old music, I'm an old soul(80s/90S).
- I love Science.
I've recently got into hiking, enjoying it so far.

- Crime documentaries and romcoms are my guilty pleasures.
- I've been playing Tennis, the Keyboard, Recorder(musical instrument) since the age of 6.
- My idea of a great Friday night consists of good food, green tea and a good movie.

- I love learning random facts which is why I'm always reading.

Thanks for visiting xo
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