BSc Human Nutrition and Dietetics: Year 1 complete

It's official, I passed my first year of Dietetics with a 74% average. Words can't even explain how happy I am, all those hours spent in Starbucks doing assignments and revising paid off. I am just really proud of myself and I'm one step closer to my dream of being a Registered Dietitian. Here's to an even better second year which is set to be extra interesting. I re-enrolled for second year a few days ago and had a look at the modules. I'll just say that I'm really excited to get back to University and to head out on my very first placement. I'm going to work even harder, I've got to keep this momentum going.

 My boyfriend took me out for a celebratory breakfast which was lovely, I had vanilla crepes with cream and a side of ice cream. This sort of breakfast was acceptable that day, give your girl a break.

 I thoroughly enjoyed year 1 Dietetics, now on to the next year. Feeling grateful!
Have a wonderful weekend.
Nokhuthula xo
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