Blue Planet Aquarium Review

To celebrate the end of my first year in Dietetics, I headed to North Wales (Wrexham) to visit my aunt for a week. She's been living there the past year and really loves it up there. Did I have a great time, you  bet you I did! There is so much to see up there, it was a nice break that opened my eyes to just how beautiful nature can be as well as ocean life. See, Wrexham is on the border with England which is how we ended up at Blue planet Aquarium in Chester. It has Europe's largest collection of sharks and lots of different types life to see. It may be small but Blue Planet Aquarium offers a reasonably priced experience, perfect for a family day out.

Would I recommend a visit? Yes, you've got to go at least once. 

Where is it?

Longlooms Road East  
Cheshire Oaks
Ellesmere Port 
CH65 9LF 

Nokhuthula xo 

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