My first Vegan Burger at Anna-Loka Cardiff

Today I sat my first of three exams and I'm so glad that it's out of the way. Being a self confessed foodie meant that there was only one way to celebrate, food of course. I am not Vegan but I quite like sampling all kinds of foods. After bumping into a friend of mine and fellow Dietetics student (she's Vegan) in Anna-Loka, she suggested that I give a Vegan burger a try. Hands down the best post exam treat in the history of exam treats. Um, is there even such a thing? Anyway, I had the Anna-Loka Rodeo burger which consists of a seitan patty topped with an onion ring, vegan cheese, gherkins and tomato smothered with BBQ and burger sauce with a side of sweet potato fries. Phew, that was a mouthful!

So what is Anna-Locka? It is a Vegan restaurant located here in Cardiff. Opened back in 2015, Anna-Loka prides itself on eliminating the worry of contamination, it offers a wonderful place where Vegans can go and eat to their heart's content. With its simple, bohemian decor, Anna Loka is definitely one to watch. According to their website, Anna means food, health or earth and Loka means world or planet; well I for one think it's one of the most beautiful business names I've come across. The staff were very friendly and even though I'm not Vegan, I will definitely be going back to try different dishes.

Where is Anna-Loka?

114 Albany Rd
CF24 3RU

Tel: 029 2049 7703

How do I rate this burger? 
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