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Within the food and drink industry, fruit has to meet strict aesthetic standards to make it to the supermarket shelves. Unfortunately, crooked/misshaped fruits do not make this cut resulting in huge amounts of perfectly good fruit and vegetables being wasted. So what's the meaning of, '1 beetroot and 2 apples were saved making this drink.' Well, it means exactly that thanks to Get Wonky, a new business that gives wonky fruit a chance. Most of us recycle right? So why turn a blind eye to food waste. Get Wonky consider these drinks as a medium to create change, spreading awareness of food waste a bottle at a time.
Founded by Maciek Kacprzyk and Karina Sudenyte here in Cardiff, Get Wonky are standing up to food waste by turning misshapen produce into delicious juices, using recyclable bottles instead of ones that have to be discarded and of course, they are supporting local growers by shifting the wonky produce rejected by supermarket chains. Get Wonky drinks are available in 4 flavours and taste incredible, my favourite being Strawberry and Apple. Now I'm not just saying that, they really do taste incredible and that's the beauty of 100% pure fruit juice. Aesthetics do not matter. A misshaped strawberry is still a strawberry, offering the same taste and nutritional benefits. Can we really afford to discard misshapen produce?

Get Wonky drinks are available in four flavours..





100% pure and natural with no additives, no flavourings, no preservatives. Did I mention Get wonky drinks are Ethical, Gluten free as well as Vegan friendly. There is nothing quite like a juice that tastes just like the fruit itself. Fruit juices are a source of different micronutrients and are also a great way to get in some of your 5 a day.


What do I mean by recyclable bottles? Their 250ml bottles are pretty much reborn every time. Businesses have a responsibility to reduce the amount of packaging produced, which leads to minimal packaging heading to the landfill. Not only are they saving wonky food, they are also helping the environment in a big way. 

I know what you're thinking? Surely with everything that's on offer, these drinks must be rather pricey. I'm afraid not, they are priced at just £0.74 per bottle and are available through Diverse Fine Food. Check out their 2018 catalogue HERE, page 197. I'm hoping they will be available in supermarkets soon because I'm definitely a big fan!

Would I recommend Get Wonky drinks? 100% yes.
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So will you give Wonky fruit a chance?
Nokhuthula xo
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