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Your eyes are probably one of the most vulnerable parts of your body and there are a variety of environmental factors that can irritate them. This includes dust, wind, hot air, smoke and even air conditioning. All these can lead to dry eye syndrome, something I experienced a few months back. There is nothing more annoying than the sandy, gritty sensation that comes with dry eye syndrome. It's like having sand in your eye that you just can't quite remove. Unfortunately things like eye liner and mascara can also lead to the blockage of the glands in your eyelids resulting in inflammation. Apart from growing self confidence, eye health is one of the reasons I have stopped wearing makeup but of course, I whip it out for special occasions. Anyway, I bear good news I promise thanks to Feel Good Contacts. Started in 1998 as a wholesaler supplying contact lenses to opticians, Feel Good contacts has become a leading retailer offering affordable contact lenses and eye care products. The lovely team at Feel Good Contacts were kind enough to send me one of their Hot compress eye masks to try out and review. This is the perfect accessory to help conquer symptoms of inflammation, dry eye, puffy eyes, sore eyes, sensitivity to light, blepharitis, shall I go on? The eye mask if filled with Flak seed and works by externally heating up the eyelids thereby stimulating the glands and relieving pain. Sold at a reasonable price and no prescription needed, this is something that's worth having. Can you really put a price tag on your health? Examining your priorities in life every now and then is crucial.

Still, it's always nice to get a little bit of money off so don't worry, I got you. Using the code FEELGOODTIME, new customers get 10% off their first order.  So how does this eye mask work? Simply place and heat up mask in a microwave for 30 seconds and apply to closed eyelids for 7 to 10 minutes. Easy right? A compress can also help with clogging. Eyelid glands make oils and these can get clumpy resulting in clogging. The heat from the compress helps to thin the oils allowing for easy drainage. It's just an all round magical wand for the eyes, one that I will continue using throughout exam season.

Wish I had tried this sooner. I spend a lot of time on my laptop thanks to a never-ending stream of assignments and so my eyes tend to get strained. I also run and the cold wind is not kind, this is my go to accessory for relief. A few minutes and my eyes feel refreshed again, a great addition to my self care routine.

The eye mask comes with instructions so don't worry about remembering how to use it. Ensure you read the instructions before use. This is so important and is for your own safety.

Would I recommend? If your eyes are as easily irritated as mine, 100% yes!
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Want know more? Head over to Feel Good Contacts' WEBSITE.

 Have you every tried a hot compress eye mask?
Nokhuthula xo
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