Gluten Free Vanilla Pancakes

Any pancake lovers out there? I love a good batch of pancakes with a few simple toppings first thing on a chilly morning. Even though flipping pancakes still drives me bonkers (just can't quite do it perfectly), digging into them is a different story. It would be wonderful if I could magically make my free time in the mornings longer so that these tasty little numbers could make more of a regular appearance. But alas, I have no magic wand. These Gluten Free vanilla pancakes are super easy and quick to make; all you need is an appetite and four main ingredients. I like them simple, ones that ensure exceptionally delightful results every time.

Yakitori #1, Cardiff Bay Review

Yakitori #1 is a Sushi and Japanese Grill which offers endless menu choices as well as noodle dishes. So, if like me you are a Japanese food lover, this one's for you! Food has always been a very social thing for me, have you ever noticed how meals just doesn't taste as good when you're eating on your own? Well, that's partly because as humans we are naturally oriented towards others. Our lives revolve around social interactions and food is very much part of that interaction, it brings people together. After being hidden under a pile of books for a few weeks, my boyfriend and I headed out to meet a few friends for some food. This was quite the treat for me because I don't get out much these days. So if you're thinking of studying a degree in Dietetics, I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news.. Your social life will dwindle fast! With it's simple, authentic food, attentive staff, contemporary decor, Yakitori #1 for me is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Cardiff.
Just to let you know, I got my Human Anatomy and Physiology Exam results yesterday and I'm happy to say I passed with a staggering 89%. Still cannot believe it myself but I'm now more motivated than ever! Anyway, my first visit to Yakitori went really well as you can probably tell. Because it was a Friday night, the place was very busy but the waiters made every effort to come by every once in a while to check if everything was okay. This is what made our night even better, a thumbs up for the great customer service. Opened in 2013, Yakitori #1 is definitely one to watch in the Cardiff food scene. Now let's talk about the most important part, the food.

Exam season is over

I'm back! Exam season is over and I couldn't be happier. As you already know, I sat my Human Anatomy and Physiology Exam yesterday and I'd like to say that it went well but you never know with these things. I'm now focusing on fitness, self love and self care once again because I strongly believe that mental well being is so important. Gym gear on, No make up on, who is this girl? Ever since I started really delving into exercise, I've started to feel more positive & I'm feeling a lot more confident in myself. Exercise is another way I'm learning to truly love myself & grow both mentally and physically. Feeling good about yourself and everything around you changes your outlook on life and can help you achieve your goals. So, a mini life update? I think so.

Top 3 reasons why I study in Starbucks

No, I'm not doing a degree in Anatomy and Physiology, I'm actually studying Human Nutrition and Dietetics. This is one of the many modules that come with the course and in 6 days time, I'll be sitting my very first exam. Apart from the endless flow of tea, why else would I spend so many of my precious hours studying in Starbucks? I get asked this a lot and so I might as well write up a blog post on this, you never know, after reading this you might end up giving it a try. Revision season is really not exciting, its exhausting more than anything and requires a lot effort, time and dedication. So to keep things just that little bit exciting, I study in Starbucks. No, you'll rarely ever find me in the library, I go in to borrow the books I need and that's about it. Someone suggested that it must be expensive to study in there as you'd be buying constantly. Well not exactly, there's something called packed lunches. Want to save money and still study in Starbucks, make a packed lunch and thrown in some snacks. My IBS limits what I can eat and so packed lunches have become the norm. Trust me when I say my rucksack is like a mini library and mini kitchen in one. So, why Starbucks? Well, what would be the point in studying in a library if you aren't able to focus?

Spicy Sweet Potato, Lentil & Pea Soup

Hello earthlings, it's only me! I'm still alive, just been buried under a big pile of books the past couple of days. You see, I've got a Human Anatomy and Physiology Exam coming up, well in 10 days to be exact but who's counting. Let's be honest, revision is not exactly the most exhilarating experience but hey, it's got to be done. Once my exam is done, I'll start working through my back log of easy recipes that I've been meaning to share. As you can imagine, exam season is a bit dull so in between revisions, I've been working out a lot and of course indulging in delicious, nourishing comfort food. This sweet potato and pea soup is rich in flavour, low in calories, a good source of Dietary Fibre, it's a great way to get in some of your five a day and is easy to make. Serve with a slice of crusty bread and you've got yourself moments of bliss.

Revolucion De Cuba Cardiff Review

Happy New Year!! I hope 2018 is treating you well so far. One of my new year's resolutions is to spend more time with friends and family. Life can get very busy but it's so important to spend time with people you admire because it makes a difference when it comes to your happiness and mental well-being. I'm starting 2018 as I mean to go on and scheduling coffee/food dates with friends and family is definitely one of this year's priorities. Yesterday I had a wonderful lunch date with a great friend of mine. Her name is Erica, a future Optician and nerd at heart who loves food just as much I do. She recently came back from a holiday in Hong Kong bearing gifts for me which was a lovely surprise. I can barely wait to dig in! Anyway, two weeks ago I received free cocktail vouchers in my email from Revolucion de cuba and so it was only inevitable we would end up there. Upon arriving, we were greeted by a lovely waitress who showed us to our table promptly, she was more than happy to explain the menu to us and solve any problems we had. Located in the heart of Cardiff therefore offering easy access, Revolucion De Cuba has some delightful Tapas and even though I rarely consume alcohol, the strawberry daiquiri cocktail I had is one to remember.
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