A personal note: How I am learning to love myself

For many years, I've questioned whether I am happy with who I am & for many years, the answer has been no. I am that girl who hid behind make up for years. Yes I am that girl who couldn't bear to look in the mirror, was unable to meet up with friends or leave the house without it but not anymore. How could I become so dependent on it, it's as if we had morphed into one. Don't get me wrong, I think make up is an incredible thing but no one should feel that they aren't good enough without it, that's just not healthy. Hell yes I will still wear make up but I just refuse to be dependent on it so here I am bare-faced. You come to realise that its a confidence thing and as I grew older, I also realised that no one really cares whether you are wearing make up or not. Its all YOU! This is not just about the make up alone, it is about me as a person, my thoughts and how I've viewed myself for so long. The mind is truly a powerful thing but transformation begins with your inner self. Self love and self care are so important, they are the basis to a happier you and an even a happier life. 

We all think that there is something terribly wrong with us but you have the means to change that, its a choice and well, I choose to be happy. I have finally amended the relationship I have with myself and at last I feel worthy. Why don't you jump out of bed every morning, whack on your favourite song, look at yourself in the mirror and say I am good enough.

The only thing we genuinely have control over in life is ourselves and the choices we make. Poor decisions determine how we react, how we think and how we feel. When we get hurt because of other people or when we are made to feel uncomfortable, we can either choose to let that pain go or we can dwell on it. What you do is completely up to you but don't you think you deserve to smile? I sure do. I have found myself spending most of my time make up free, I'm trying new things; I'm running a lot and loving every minute of it, I'm planning to go abroad next summer for a long holiday, I've started yoga and I'm writing a lot more. I am basically putting myself first for a change, doing things I want to do, something I have never done and it feels good. Self love is a long process that needs to last a lifetime. You can show yourself and others affection, there is so much to learn, so much more you can improve on, a big world to explore and you have so much to be thankful for.   Practice gratitude every single day, you are so lucky to be you!

Nokhuthula xo 
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