Seafood Shack, Cardiff Review

A restaurant whose main focus is offering a wide variety of seafood, FINALLY! Say hello to the Seafood Shack, a venue that launched June 2017. I'm not exactly seafood's biggest fan but after contemplating a visit for a while, I took the plunge. Well, I'd be lying if I said it was my idea. My boyfriend is a huge 'sea foodie' and so it was only inevitable that I'd end up walking through its doors with seven other people. The quality as well as the food choice was excellent, all offered with a burst of flavour and style. With its gorgeous decor, an open kitchen so you can see how meticulous the chefs are, good portion sizes and relaxed atmosphere, Seafood Shack is a restaurant that's definitely worth a visit. If like me, you're not a seafood fan, they have other options on offer like Steak and beef burgers, you're definitely not limited when it comes to choice. But as with anything, there were some bad points that I will discuss in more detail.

THE BAD: Seating

Seeing as there were 8 of us and we booked in advance, we were hoping to be seated at an adequate table. We were however offered just two options, either seat on a suitably sized table and exit the restaurant within two hours or get seated at a booth style table with no time limit. So we took the booth of course and it was uncomfortable to say the least. It was a Saturday night and we wanted to indulge in great food, delve in good conversation and top it all off with deserts. As you're probably aware, when it comes to eating out, all these things do not happen within two hours. Cramped space with hardly any elbow room; not exactly my idea of fine dining.


I give credit where its due and well the food was... incredible!! This is the one thing Seafood Shack absolutely nailed; flavour, texture, presentation, oh so much style! Our waiter was friendly and extremely helpful which contributed to putting us at ease allowing us to enjoy our night.


When a restaurant has 'seafood' in the name, don't expect it to be cheap. Heck, its SEAFOOD! With how tasty the food was, it's worth every penny. 

Where is it? 

Seafood Shack Cardiff
5a High street
Cardiff, Wales
CF10 1AW

View their menu HERE.

Would I recommend food wise, yes!
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