Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

I was recently snapped sashaying around Cardiff City Centre by Style Wall, an independent online destination showcasing street style in South Wales. Wouldn't you agree that they captured such a gorgeous shot? I sure think so. The 22nd of September marked the autumnal equinox, which as you may have guessed officially marks the end of summer. I can't say I'm going to miss it as I'm very fond of autumn and winter. The fashion is so much better, I'm talking a whole new wardrobe; scarves, wooly jumpers, cute berets, structured coats. Also, the true beauty of nature shows during autumn, the colours are magnificent. Of course these two seasons are a great a excuse to indulge in hearty stews, soups, hotpots etc and drinks endless amounts of tea and hot chocolates. The season also brings with it a variety of new vegetables including butternut squash and pumpkins. Of course, pumpkins and Halloween go together; its a night we get to act like children again by dressing up, eating lots of sweets and watching spooky films, should I go on?

The evenings are getting darker which gives us every right to cosy up with our loved ones. Winter wonderland opens early November which offers a nice day out. Even though I'm absolutely terrible at skating, I still love a bit of Winter Wonderland fun. Let's not forget Bonfire night which comes around on the 5th of November leading up to the UK's favourite season, Christmas. I can sit here all day telling you the reasons why I love autumn and winter but what would be the point in that. Head outdoors and experience it for yourself. P.S dress warm.

Photo credits: Style Wall
Check out Style Wall here for some great street style inspo. 

Nokhuthula xo 
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