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MUST WATCH: 'What the Health' Documentary (Currently on Netflix UK & Youtube)

When you look at chronic disease risks, all the things that we walk around worrying 
about, actually, DIETARY CHOICES trump smoking when it comes to those risks" 
(Dr Michelle McMacken, M.D. Assistant professor of Medicine, NYU).

I watch a lot of documentaries and today I came across a new documentary called 'What the Health' which highlights the effects of consuming processed meats and dairy on our health. This documentary is truly eye-opening and if you care at all about your health or the health of those you love; I strongly suggest you give it a watch. Even though it focuses on American health, the facts are still the same and can be applied to any country and to every humnThe makers of this ground-breaking documentary describe it as "the health documentary that health organisations don't want you to see". You'll understand why after watching this hour and half long documentary. 
We all think chicken is healthier because it is white meat, well think again, chicken actually contains carcinogens! Diet is directly linked to Disease and the World Health Organisation classed processed meats like bacon and sausage as Carcinogenic.  They came to this conclusion after looking at over 800 studies from 10 different countries where they found a direct link between consuming processed meat and cancer, "The experts concluded that each 50 gram portion of processed meat eaten daily increases the risk of colorectal cancer". According to WHO, consuming processed meats can increase this risk by 18% and shockingly, these meats are labelled a group one carcinogen, the same group as cigarettes and asbestos. This isn't new information either, according to the documentary, some of the studies have been around for 50 years. So, what exactly is considered a processed meat?

Processed meat includes things like Sausage, Salami, Ham, Hot dogs, Cold cuts, Pepperoni; basically foods that every single one of us has been eating since we were little or have eaten at some point in our lives. The documentary also looks into different diseases and your dietary choices to date may have been detrimental to your health. For example, Diabetes: "Government and media almost exclusively blame lack of exercise and sugary foods as a cause of Diabetes"
According to Dr Neal Barnard (Diabetes expert, Clinical researcher), "Diabetes is not and never was caused by eating a high carbohydrate diet and it's not caused by eating sugar. The cause of Diabetes is a diet that builds up the amount of fat into the blood. I'm talking about a typical meat-based, animal-based diet. You can look into the muscle cells of the human body and you find that they're building up tiny particles of fat that's causing insulin resistance. What that means is the sugar that is naturally from the foods that you're eating can't get into the cells where it belongs. It builds up in the blood and that's Diabetes". I don't want to give too much away but this is the most educational documentary I've watched in a very long time.

"This idea that Carbs make you fat is utterly ridiculous! We have storage in our muscles and in our liver for carbs called Glycogen. So when we eat carbs, we either store it or we burn it" (Dr Garth Davis, M.D.)

"The diabetes, the arthritis, the heart disease, the dementia, the obesity,
 the cancers; are affecting about 70% of deaths. All the data is that those 
70% of deaths and morbidity are largely LIFESTYLE RELATED and 
preventable". (Dr Joel Kahn, M.D.)

"Most kids by the age of 10 in the US already have fatty streaks in 
their arteries, the first stage of Atherosclerosis leading to 
heart attacks, strokes". (Dr Michael Greger, M.D.)

"The cause of Diabetes, the cause of clogged arteries, the cause of 
high blood pressure, the cause of obesity; 
it's the FOOD". (Dr Michael Klaper, M.D.) 

I cannot stress this enough, WATCH THIS DOCUMENTARY, you will learn so much.

Kip Andersen on 'What the Health'

If you've watched it, what are your thoughts? If you haven't, all you need is an hour and half and a glass of water.

That leaves the question, what exactly are we supposed to eat?
Simply, EAT REAL FOOD. Plants are always a good place to start.
Nokhuthula xo 

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