Udon Miso Soup

Tasty, light and quick to make; it's fast food at its best. Oh how I love Udon noodles, their slightly chewy texture makes my taste buds tingle. That's always a good start when you know you've got a fussy palate. I make monthly trips to my local Asian grocery store, there's nothing more annoying than realising you've run out of a crucial ingredient half way through meal preparation. One staple I always have in my fridge is miso; it is basically fermented soy bean paste and is what makes miso soup flavourful. Feeling lazy? Why not make yourself this light Miso Soup, bacon is always optional. Next time I'm making it Vegan.

Oats, Granola & Greek Yogurt Bowl

Hello fellow earthlings, it's been seven days since my last post & it truly feels like a lifetime. The past couple of days have been some of the best I've had in a long time. The main reason behind my joy being the fact that my place to study BSc Human Nutrition and Dietetics this September was confirmed last Thursday morning. There are no words to describe how I feel, I'm just so happy. Little Nokhuthula is going to be a Dietitian; this has been my dream for a very long time and I worked so hard to get here. My boyfriend then whisked me away to London Saturday night for an early birthday treat (it's my birthday tomorrow), we arrived back late last night and I really need to catch up on some sleep. Of course, I have lots of photos and reviews to share over the next few days. 
Now, let's talk breakfast. Oats,  tropical fruit granola and greek yoghurt are a match made in heaven; the flavours compliment each other so well. Granola contains a high amount of sugar and  so no more than a 1/4 cup should be consumed at breakfast time. Greek yoghurt neutralises the sweetness of granola making it just that little bit more enjoyable. Oats are my go to breakfast most of the time and I find myself more and more inspired to jazz them up up a bit.

Quinoa & Spinach Salad

This colourful quinoa salad makes a tremendous summer dish. What would I do without quinoa. Fast fact: Unlike most grains, Quinoa contains all nine of the essential amino acids and so it is a complete Protein. Gym enthusiasts; this grain should be your best friend for muscle growth and repair. Quinoa also offers a good amount of fiber which helps moves stool down the digestive tract and iron which is an important constituent of haemoglobin. With just 222 calories/cup, cooked quinoa is worth eating.
Can we just take a moment to appreciate my new Tivoli Melamine Bowl from Lakeland's picnic range. It looks heavy right? Well it's actually as light as a feather, durable and is very pretty. I'm constantly exploring greens, the dressings and what toppings I use to keep the flavours interesting. The quinoa got coated around the spinach easily and rather quickly making this salad just that little bit more appealing. I'm currently cutting down on my meat intake and so chicken breast is sitting this one out. Eggs are a great substitute and good source of protein. Packed with different textures, this salad makes a great light lunch or dinner during these gorgeous summer months.

Toasted Avocado Bagels Two Ways

If you enjoy a cheeky bagel, this one is a delightful protein-packed breakfast treat. While they have a high fat content, avocados add a richness and creaminess to anything and are also omega 3 fatty acids, the good kind of fat, in the form of alpha-linolenic acid. After indulging in oat & smoothie bowls for breakfast most of the time; a change was definitely needed. A lot of people on my instagram were a bit surprised with the avocado & banana combo. Yes, it is an unusual combo but my goodness its tasty. These bagels are super easy to prepare & are perfect to eat at any time of the day.

Frozen Banana Dark Chocolate Lollies

As if I don't eat enough bananas as it is, I've only gone and made a snack that's completely centered around them. Whether you're using bananas that are past their best days or using fresh bananas, these lollies are a healthy, refreshing snack the kids are sure to love this summer. This is another way of getting them to eat more fruit. Let's not stop there, apart from me of I know a few adults that over-indulge in these delicious little numbers when that chocolate craving kicks in. But remember, once they are ready and out of the freezer, do not leave them standing too long as they start to 'sweat' very quickly. With how tasty they are, I guarantee they will be gone in a matter of minutes.

4-minute Oat Breakfast Bowl

It seems I'm turning into a bit of a breakfast criminal. From smoothie bowls and eggs omelettes to endless Oats bowls; I'm cruising through life one bowl at time. We made it through another week so Happy Friday! This is probably one of the simplest breakfast bowls I've done in a long time; it seems I'm getting sucked into the wonderful world of cosmic breakfasts. Breakfast is undoubtedly my favourite meal of the day and it is also the most important. When done right, it provides the body and brain with fuel and should ideally be a good source of essential nutrients. This is the reason why I tend to go for oats (a good source of fiber) usually topped with fruit (good source of vitamins and minerals) and at times, I throw in chia seeds, nuts, dried fruits as well as good ol' peanut butter. It seems that a lot people automatically deem peanut butter 'unhealthy'. However, I feel that its the whole package of nutrients that truly matter when it comes to food. Some of the healthiest foods contain saturated fats just like peanut butter does but when you really look into it; peanut butter contains 80% unsaturated fats which means unsaturated fats only make up 20%. The health benefits offered by peanut butter far outweigh the mere 20% of saturated fats. Peanut butter is also rich in fiber, some vitamins and minerals. And besides, I love it! We have become a species that overthinks all things nutrition; what happened to food being pleasurable? Surely just eating real food is enough.

Fish & Vegetable Soup with Vermicelli

When I'm in a hurry and in need of a quick, tasty meal; Vermicelli noodles are such a great option. It's been a busy couple of days and so I'm bringing back the soups. I'm an avid fan of Asian food, the creativity and range of dishes offered is absolutely mind-boggling; they are simple dishes that almost always tastes fantastic, now that is something to be excited about. My personal favorites range from the simple Cantonese Yang Chow Fried Rice to the Hunan Steam Chili Fish Head; not forgetting Steamed Dumplings. Right, I got a little bit carried away there; now let's talk Fish Noodle Soup. This Thai inspired dish is tasty, rather comforting and nutritious. Seasoned with lots of spices, this is just perfect for any season and anytime of the day. 
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