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In this modern world we live in, time is not something we have much of. Whether it's working life, family life or sport that takes up most of your days;  there comes a time when something goes wrong or you're in need of a professional. Getting something done may not be the issue but dedicating your time might be. That's where Bidvine comes in; what is it? Well, Bidvine is an online company that offers a variety of services and they are all in one place. Need a painter? Find one on bidvine. Want to get healthy for the summer? Get yourself a Nutritionist through Bidvine. Emergency move and in need of a man with a van? That's right, find the right van man through Bidvine. This is a fast, free and effective way to obtain quotes from professionals in your local area. 

Their mission: "We make hiring local, trusted service professionals ridiculously simple - and help people use the time saved to pursue their passions." All you need is 10 minutes and Bidvine does all the work for you. You just need to answer a few questions specific to the service required e.g. Fitness (personal training, nutritionist, yoga etc), Photography (wedding, family etc), Home (Handyman; interior painting etc), Learning (piano; spanish etc). If you have a budget, you can also enter it at this point and of course your postcode to ensure your quotes are from local professionals. 

Be sure to answer the questions accurately as this lets the professionals know exactly what you need; getting back to you with a bid. Once you get your bids via email, you are able to compare and pick the provider you want. It's that easy! Instead of spending hours on end searching online for the service provider you need, why not let Bidvine do it all for you. The website is nicely set out and easy to use.

My boyfriend's graduation is coming up and so I was busy looking for a photographer to snap away on his special day. Bivine made this process so easy & stress free, I heard back from different photographers; their packages and prices within a day. I'll also be moving house in a few months and will definitely be making use of Bidvine again.

Have you used Bidvine before? Give it a try and tweet me your thoughts.
Nokhuthula xo

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