*Pique Tea: Sencha green, Earl grey & Jasmine

It's not every day that I receive a cute little gift all the way from San Francisco. I'm an avid fan of all things tea so thank you to the team at Pique Tea for this sweet little sample. Here's how to make tea the Pique way; just add water and voila, drink away. As you can imagine, I was a bit dubious about this new way of tea consumption, so much so that I had to do my own digging first. It's quite remarkable just how water soluble these crystals are, they made the whole tea-making process effortless. Pique tea has definitely revolutionised the way we drink; the main reason being their tea's crystallised form. Their teas are organic and taste rather exceptional. One of the main reasons why I love and drink tea so much is because of the health benefits it offers. I'm sure you're already aware that tea can improve your skin and it has less caffeine than coffee.

Tea also reduces Cortisol levels; cortisol being the stress hormone that contributes to belly fat. According to a study conducted in 2007, daily tea consumption for six weeks is likely to help your cortisol levels drop back to normal faster. Pique tea has zero sugar, comes in natural flavours, is full of flavonoids also known as catechins and has some important amino acids. This is no doubt the quickest cup of tea I've ever made. Even though convenience is great, I'm all about the taste.
There are quick instructions at the back of the packaging detailing how to prepare your tea. It's super easy I promise. In case you're wondering, all the crystals do dissolve once water has been added with no floaties in sight, just a clear cup of tea. I thoroughly enjoyed all three flavours, my favourite being Jamine. The jasmine flavour definitely has the best scent of the three. Apparently, the jasmine tea is from Zhejiang Province, China and it was scented with jasmine petals. If all teas smelt like this one, I'd most probably drink tea alone. It's a subtly sweet and delicate flavour, one I'd love to drink again. The sencha green tea crystals are actually yellow so I was a bit puzzled at first. The taste is not overly bitter, instead its dulcet with a hint of citrus. The Earl grey flavour is also cutrusy but it is a little bitter. Surprisingly, this is my boyfriend's favourite because according to him it's just simple and clean. Very refreshing teas that are worth a sip. Can you imagine all the iced teas I'm going to be making this summer?

PIQUE TEA is tea worth drinking.

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Nokhuthula xo 
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