Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Knee High Dreams

I used to take fashion blogging seriously back in the day to the point where I lost my passion and interest. This time round,  I'm not scheduling any shoots; I'm snapping as I go along and just taking everything a step at a time. I've spent my day switching between the library and Costa, wah wah, even though I look super happy there. Thankfully, most of my assignments are finished and so I'm feeling very accomplished. To think that I will be finishing my course in just 7 weeks is a bit scary, where the time gone?

Sweatshirt from Lyst  /  Skirt from H&M   / Knee high socks from H&M   /  Brogues from Select. 
Being small has its advantages, like getting away with rocking space buns! My from will be sticking around for a while after all. Oversized jumpers are the best things to ever grace the fashion world, ultimate comfort. Teaming my baggy jumper up with this super cute H&M skirt, knee high socks and a pair of brogues; I was on the verge of edgy. Nothing quite like an outfit that makes you remember who you are, this is me!

Nokhuthula xo 
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