*Mr Lee's Noodles Flavour #2: Dragon Fire Mushroom

I'm currently buried under a pile of books, anyone care lend a hand? I've got a few assignments to complete and an exam to revise for which is why it seems the days just aren't long enough. As you might remember, I received a package from Mr Lee's Noodles  a few weeks back to review, read my first post here if you missed it. I have finally gotten round to trying flavour number two and this one sure was fire. Apart from being gluten free, Mr Lee's Noodles contain freeze dried ingredients, what does this mean for you? Well, it means that once rehydrated the nutritional value of these noodles is similar to that of fresh food. Want to know more about freeze drying, click here.What goes with studying better than coffee, noodles obviously. I don't know about you but nothing sticks in my head when I'm hungry. What can I say; small girl, big world and an even bigger appetite. Not even IBS can stop me.

The packaging of this flavour clearly states that it is 'HOT' but as always, I took it lightly & boy was I in for a shock. My very first forkful was one I'll never forget, I ate without thinking and my tongue was just like whoaaa! I was fine by my second forkful after switching my mind frame from mild to hot so what's the moral of the story; always proceed with caution. Nonetheless, absolutely delicious. 

These noodles will save your life if you're a student, all you need is boiling water and 3 minutes of your time. There are certain days when you just don't have the time to even think about food, just grab a one of Mr Lee's noodles for lunch. Its a tasty, healthier option; one you will not regret.

I'll be trying a third flavour this coming weekend, can hardly wait.

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Til' next time.
Nokhuthula xo 
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