Easy Lemon Sponge Cake

It's gorgeously light, it's moist, it's erm.. lemony?! Lemon Cake has quickly become one of the favourites; it's super easy to bake and the ingredients required won't drain your bank account. I don't like my lemon sponge sharp nor do I like it too sweet which is why this homemade lemon sponge cake of mine is just right.Yes, this one is not Gluten free and so I only had a tiny little piece *what a tease*; I actually made this cake for my colleagues in work. You will not be disappointed so why not give it a go. Here's how you can make this delightful little number.

*Mr Lee's Noodles Flavour #2: Dragon Fire Mushroom

I'm currently buried under a pile of books, anyone care lend a hand? I've got a few assignments to complete and an exam to revise for which is why it seems the days just aren't long enough. As you might remember, I received a package from Mr Lee's Noodles  a few weeks back to review, read my first post here if you missed it. I have finally gotten round to trying flavour number two and this one sure was fire. Apart from being gluten free, Mr Lee's Noodles contain freeze dried ingredients, what does this mean for you? Well, it means that once rehydrated the nutritional value of these noodles is similar to that of fresh food. Want to know more about freeze drying, click here.What goes with studying better than coffee, noodles obviously. I don't know about you but nothing sticks in my head when I'm hungry. What can I say; small girl, big world and an even bigger appetite. Not even IBS can stop me.

Crispy Breaded Chicken

When you cook, what's your main goal? To present a delicious, succulent meal so why over complicate recipes? I strongly believe that a simple recipe with fewer ingredients is easier to follow and can sometimes turn out a lot better. It helps that chicken is extremely versatile and so can be cooked in many different way. I stock my fridge every week without fail. This breaded & baked chicken can be enjoyed by the whole family! In fact, why not prepare the chicken together and get in some family fun?

*FeD Cardiff Chef Special

How many times do you come across a buffet restaurant that serves beautifully cooked, fresh food from around the world that is made to order & is served at an exceptional temperature? Not very often. Having a fussy palette doesn't help either. There is nothing more disheartening than having very little choice when it comes to a buffet. So why not get FeD? FeD is buffet restaurant located in the centre of Cardiff, one with a twist, its one where you have a choice. It's definitely not your typical buffet restaurant, its so much more. With its beautiful modern interior decor, friendly staff, comfortable seats, generous portions and live cooking stations; FeD is sure to offer you a buffet experience like no other.

On Wednesday evening, I headed down to FeD for their Chef Special Bloggers event. Other bloggers and myself had the chance to try dishes from their new menu with endless amounts of cocktails which was great. You'll be glad to know that their Chef special officially launched yesterday so head on down and give it a try. Don't forget to tweet them your favourite!

Pick your food, whether its steak, noodles or pasta and their chefs will make it just how you want it. Their made to order food is succulent and flavourful, I was torn between the Pork Shogayaki (below) and Crispy Fried Vegetable Dumplings (above). Those two dishes are the best in my eyes, my taste buds agree and I thoroughly enjoyed. My mouth is watering just thinking about it, take me back. As well as the Chef special, there is nothing stopping you from checking out all their other buffet dishes that are readily available. If you still have space in your tummy and feel you can tackle a bit more; why wouldn't you?

Lemon & Lime Loaf

There's something about citrus fruits I can't resist, maybe its simply that delightful tangy taste they offer. Have you ever wondered why limes and lemons are sour? I sure have and as you'd expect I've been doing some digging. It's because like the name suggests, they contain high concentrations of citric acid, duh. However, my investigations never end there as I tend to get a bit carried away delving into the effects of citric acid in the body. Now from a dental nurse point of view, I'd say have mercy on your enamel (high intake of acids causes enamel erosion) but hey its been a long week. Oh, I've realised it's only Tuesday, any excuse to make cake ay?! I would've gone all out by chucking some icing on that too but unfortunately, I've never really been a fan of icing. I feel like it disguises the true flavour of an already delicious loaf. This lemon and lime loaf is refreshing and is sure to get you taste buds tingling.

Breakfast Mug-cake

Who would've thought that my little breakfast mug-cake would end up in a recipe book? I sure didn't but I'm not complaining; you can read all about it here and find out how to download the recipe book online for free. Anyway, here is a step by step guide (photos included) on how you can make my carbohydrate rich breakfast mug-cake in under 10 minutes. Now there's no reason to skip breakfast.

*Mr Lee's Noodles Flavour #1: Warrior Fighting Shrimp

Last week I was contacted by the lovely people at Mr Lee's Noodles in regards to receiving and reviewing six different flavours of their Gluten free noodles. As you're all aware, I love noodles and I eat them more than I do rice. Unfortunately, I've had to cut down significantly on my Gluten intake due to my IBS and so I jumped at the chance to try out something new and of course, gluten free, something that could possibly be extremely convenient for me and you at busy times or on those days when the urge to cook simply isn't there. After all, they are ready in just 3 minutes. So, some quick facts about Mr Lee's Noodles: Gluten Free, Not artificial which can only mean that they are the real deal and 100% recyclable. Their noodles are also low in saturated fats, calories, sugar and salt. And just in case you're wondering (I know I was), Mr Lee is a real person! After I received my package, I couldn't wait to crack one open. I've started with the Warrior Fighting Shrimp flavour, what a great way to start the week. What I love most already about Mr Lee's Noodles are the health benefits; pre-packaged foods tend to have a lot of hidden sugars and saturated fats, well not this time.

Buttermilk Scones

There's nothing I love more than the smell of freshly baked scones early in the morning. It's almost like a childhood memory coming alive; my grandmother started baking these simple scones for me when I was just four years old and so it was only inevitable that I would end baking them on my own. I strongly believe that Sunday mornings are for indulging a little even if it means baking for a hungry brood of 3 as well.  All I want is light and fluffy scones that go well with butter and jam, not exactly asking for much right? Here is how you can make these beautifully light buttermilk scones, all you need is 30 minutes.
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