Pancakes 2 ways. Happy Pancake Day!

Forks at the ready, happy pancake day earthlings! This highly anticipated day filled with lots of fruit, syrups, honey and nutella has come around so quick don't you think? Don't you love the endless choice of fillings available to you when it comes to pancakes? I know I do, sweet or savoury, decorate away. Whatever rocks your boat. I make pancakes at least once a month so Pancake day presents the perfect excuse for me to whip up another batch. Let's get cooking!

Garlic & Herb Chicken Casserole

I'll unapologetically be the first to admit that I will probably never get tired of chicken! There's just so many ways to prepare it, different flavours and today I'm sharing one of them; a mini casserole that went down a treat. I'm in such a good place at the moment, everything seems to be falling into place whilst meeting some great people along the way. Anyway, here is how you can make this delightful, heart-warming dish.

Reasons why Seafood should be part of your diet

Another day done & dinner's just hit the table. A whole fish, just for me? No doubt, the nutritional benefits are way too great for me to turn that down. A year ago, I wouldn't have given any kind of seafood my time of day; in fact I hated it all. Clearly, I didn't know what I was missing; they were moments of idiocy, damn those half-witted decisions. And breathe. Anyway, that's okay because now I just so happen to be seafood's number one fan.. no seriously! It's all thanks to my boyfriend who practically lives on seafood; the guy just can't get enough and now I can't either. Did you know that including just one portion of seafood in your weekly diet could halve the chances of suffering a heart attack?
They all contain; good ol' Omega 3 that helps with heart health. I know what you're thinking, 'Seafood contains cholesterol.' That's right it does but it's actually the foods like cheese, fast food and red meat (high in saturated fats) that increase levels of bad cholesterol if consumed uncontrollably. Have your fish with a big smile on your face because when it comes to cholesterol, seafood is just the tiniest piece of the iceberg. Forgetting the health reasons for just a moment, seafood is down-right delicious!

Bacon Wrapped Chicken

Chicken and bacon are probably two of the most consumed meats in the world. But chicken and bacon together make one hell of a team which is why this quick recipe may be one that's about ride up to the top of your list. This isn't one of those things you should eat all the time, every once in a while will do you good with this one. It's quick, it's easy and best of all, requires very few ingredients. What could possibly go wrong?

Human Nutrition & Dietetics Interview Advice Video

University interviews are nerve-wrecking, its only natural to feel this way. When I was preparing for my Dietetics university interviews a few weeks back, I found that there was very little available to help with this. I didn't know what to expect, I was walking into the lion's den blind. That's the reason why I filmed a video for all you aspiring Dietitians out there. In this video, I discuss what you need to know regarding interview questions, what to wear and a few tips on how present yourself.
I got offers from all the universities I had interviews with which is such a relief. I've jumped my hurdle, now its over to you. I really hope you find this video helpful, feel free to leave me a comment if you have any questions.

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Nokhuthula xo 

Teriyaki Chicken Udon Noodle Soup

This is one of those dishes that's full of flavour and really easy to make, Wok on; everything in! Can you believe it takes less than 20 minutes to cook up this delicious chicken teriyaki soup?! The less time it takes, the better right? I have so many assignments to get through this term and so every minute counts. Noodle lovers out there; I'm sure you agree nothing beats Udon! Their chewy texture is like no other, not to mention very satisfying. Udon noodles are also versatile in the sense that you can eat them cold or hot & maybe, just maybe you're finally over Ramen?! Now if that's not convincing, I don't know what is.

Slow Roast Pork Belly

Slow roast pork belly is definitely one of the most popular, simple yet mouth-watering dishes out there. Apart from chicken, pork is one meat I'm very fond of which is why I tend to prepare meals based around it quite often. In order to achieve that beautiful burst of flavours, your pork belly has to be marinated for at least three hours. I'd say that is pretty much the lenghthy part; it's smooth sailing from here.

Mixed Pepper Steak

Here one way to feed the family in a flash, this stir fried honey beef steak is definitely a crowd-pleaser. Beef is rich in Vitamins and Minerals, not to mention that is also contains some of the good fats. This quick fry up is best served with rice or pasta, but hey don't let me stop you from teaming it up with anything that tickles your fancy. Who knew adding a tablespoon or two of honey could make a huge difference to the flavour, my mouth is watering slightly as I'm writing this. Considering we had this as part of our dinner on Valentines day, I'm strongly considering breaking out my Wok once again for an evening of fun. 

Herb Roasted Whole Chicken

Cooking up a whole chicken is ideal any day of the week and it's easier that it seems to do so. This Herb-roasted whole chicken was on the menu tonight as it's been a while since I made something that's quite herb-heavy. This well-seasoned chicken has a gorgeous texture, it's flavourful, moist and absolutely of course, absolutely delicious. There's no need for butter as this chicken is so succulent, you'll get no complaints, compliments all round.

Quick Pasta & Broccoli Stir Fry

It's not everyday I indulge in a meat based dish. This is one of the easiest pasta dishes to make & I enjoy it at least twice a month, my boyfriend, more than that. In an ideal world, I would be enjoying this gorgeous dish twice a week but unfortunately my IBS allows me not. A few ingredients, one pot, you'll be eating in just 15 minutes. There is nothing worse than mushy overcooked pasta so make sure you keep an eye on it and drain well when ready.

Classic Butter Scones on Valentines Morning

Happy Valentines Day! I cannot believe it's mid-February already, this year is going to fly by just as quick as 2016. We started off the day with a treat, one of our favorite things to eat with cream and salmon, Classic butter scones. Pretty weird combination right, well not exactly. You'll be surprised just how well sweet and savoury goes together. I have my grandmother to thank as she was the one who taught me how to bake, the scent that comes with these butter scones in my kitchen truly brings back some great childhood memories. 

Morning Boost Juice

I’m such a morning person lately, unfortunately this is not by choice. I get up early and go for a run even though it is absolutely freezing but it seems this is the only thing that truly relaxes me. Maybe I should stick to a bit more Yoga and squats, exercise that you can do indoors. I am a true believer that morning exercises really do get you ready for the day ahead. Alas, the assignments are piling up and I'm slowly starting to feel overwhelmed. My mood, diet and exercise go hand in hand which is why I always start a gloomy day like this with boost juice. A healthy drink that's great for detoxing, giving you that extra push you need to start the day. 

Hilton Hotel Cardiff Review

My boyfriend's mum recently got us an all inclusive overnight stay at the Hilton hotel here in Cardiff and it was just divine. It's nice to have a break from cooking, cleaning, university interviews and well, thinking. Seeing as Valentines day is approaching fast, I thought I'd pop up a quick review just in case you're pondering where to eat or even stay the night. We are so lucky that she even went as far as booking us the King Deluxe with View room looking out over Cardiff castle and city hall. Even though I live in Cardiff, I did not realise just how beautiful it was until I had a perfect view from above. Gosh, I love this city! With it's spotless, accommodating rooms, impressive modern decor and delicious food, the only thing that could make this Hilton hotel any better is if it was located right in the centre of Cardiff. Oh wait, it is. He couldn't resist the view, I ruined his moment by snapping a cheeky photo.

Conveniently located just minutes from town, refreshing castle grounds and the museum, this is the perfect place for a short stay, whether its for business or pleasure.

Simple Vegetable Stir Fry

A super-healthy, colourful side that goes perfectly with any meal. This stir fry tastes particularly great with duck breast in plum sauce. Yes, my mouth is watering more and more as I type away. This is a great way to take in a wide range of nutrients all at once. As well as being big on flavour, this crunchy number is easy and quick to make. 

Thick-cut Baked Salt & Pepper Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potatoes provide essential micro-nutrients. They are an excellent source of ;Vitamin A which plays a role in maintaining neurological function, healthy skin and vision, as well as Vitamin B6, Vitamin C for an immune system boost, potassium which enables your nerves and muscles to function properly, manganese for bone health and copper which helps in the making of red blood cells in your body. Sweet potato fries make the top three of my favourite things to cook and eat, I savor every bite as I quickly clear my plate. Who needs french fries, they are so last year. These baked sweet potato fries are flavourful with no grease. They are also versatile; you can bake them, top a beautifully made fish pie, mash them and obviously make fries with them. This healthier alternative to french fries sure is a tasty crowd-pleaser.

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