Thai Lounge, Cardiff

I sit here in stretchy yoga pants and that's a sign of a happy woman! If you want a feel of Thailand, the food Thai Lounge here in Cardiff is definitely worth a try. The strong aroma and spicy edge presented in their dishes is great, the taste exquisite. Now, I've always been a fan of Chinese and Japanese food more than anything which is why Thai food has never really had a place in my tummy. My boyfriend however is very fond of Thai food, he literally dragged me out to Thai Lounge after making a secret booking so we could have a nice meal together. When we got there, we were greeted with a smile which is always a nice way to start out an evening meal. We were promptly seated and handed some menus; choosing what to have proved challenging thanks to their overly populated menus. I might have missed Sienna's crazy antics in Hollyoaks today but it was worth it. To be frank, I was sold at the very first bite.

Seafood starter platter, yes please! Their selection of sauces was broad which was nice, you have the option to choose the one you want. I'm kind of addicted to vegetable and seafood spring rolls so this was quite the treat. My poor boyfriend barely had any, I dived in as soon as i spotted the spring rolls. 

The variety of food was quite astonishing, enough to feed 4 people easily. My favourite was this steak dish above, the texture was beautiful, flavour mind blowing, I'll be going back again! 

Dessert anyone?

Rating 4/5, definitely recommended as this is the best Thai food I've tasted in Cardiff so far. 

Where is it?
73B Merthyr Rd
Cardiff CF14 1DD
 029 20611222

Nokhuthula xo 
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