Quick Life Update

I've been so busy this week seeing as it is University interviews season! As most of you know, I sent off my Ucas application for Dietetics back in October 2016 and I have heard back. Why do I want to be a Dietitian? I want to be able to prevent, even cure disease with food; I want to know the Science of food and all the chemical reactions that take place in the body; I want to make a difference no matter how small or how big it may be; I want to remind people that food isn't just a biological necessity, it is also there to be enjoyed. I could give you a million reasons why I want to be a Dietitian but I'll refrain from doing so as I don't want to keep you here all day.
Here's a quick update of life the past 7 days: I've had two interviews so far at the University of Hertfordshire and Cardiff Metropolitan University. Getting to Hatfield from Cardiff was quite a journey (a coach then 2 trains), Cardiff Metropolitan University on the other hand was a 10 minute drive. It's always good when there is a great university in your city. I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous just before my interviews but hey, I got through it and I strongly believe that a little faith goes a long way. I have two Dietetics interviews to attend in the next 3 weeks and so I've been busy preparing for those too as well as fitting in my part time job.

Did I mention that I've been seating at this exact same desk all day playing catch up in Biochemistry and Chemistry, I mean what could be more exciting than DNA and Alkenes? So many assignments.On the plus side, Science is something I've grown to love and enjoy. It's like a never ending puzzle that pushes our understanding of everything around us even though it is hard work.

I'll be filming a Youtube video very soon giving tips on how to prepare for university interviews and of course discussing my interview experience. 

Til' next time,
Nokhuthula  xo
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