Gluten Free Rainbow Cake

A friend of a friend requested a simple gluten free rainbow cake for her 27th birthday party a few days back and so I've been busy baking tonight. Snapped and sent her a photo, thankfully she loves it and now I breathe again. I did intend to do the full 6 colours but she didn't want it too high so I stopped at 4. Do you love baking? I know I do and there's nothing quite like baking with Stork. Why you ask? Simply because I've found that my cakes made with stork are a lot more fluffy than those made with pure butter and it is easier to cream. The secret behind stork's success is that it is a combination of stork and butter, every keen baker's best friend. Using highly concentrated food colouring is really important for this cake (gels or pastes). I've always stuck to using Sugarflair for every colour, it works wonders. The colours of my cakes are deep and vibrant, there's nothing worse than a weak coloured cake.

I used an 8 inch baking tin which I purchased from Lakeland to make this cake so it is definitely big enough to feed the masses. Disposable tins also work great and you can get them at a very low price in places like Wilkinsons (UK).

Just a quick post to share what I've been up to today.
Nokhuthula xo 
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