Sunday, 23 July 2017

Tenkaichi Sushi & Noodle Bar Cardiff Review

School's officially out for all and so we decided to head out for food to celebrate. Being the budding Scientists that we are, we decided to skip the usual steak for a change & go for a healthier option. Only one thing came to mind, Japanese food. They offer healthier, more nutritious options and so it was only inevitable we would end up at Tenkaichi Sushi and Noodle Bar. The authenticity of food from this independent, family run business differs greatly from that of a chain like Wagamama. Located at the bottom end of busy City road, it's the perfect place to kill time with good friends. We were greeted with a smile by the friendly staff and promptly seated. Just like the many other Japanese restaurants, Tenkaichi's interior decor is minimal consisting of bare walls, bright lighting and communal seating. This relaxed, informal seating can be uncomfortable if you're unlucky enough to be sitting in the middle. Having to get up numerous times for other guests to leave is rather unsettling. As for the food, you'll just have to read on to find out. 

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Banana, Melon & Kiwi Smoothie Bowl

Breakfast smoothies have been apart of my diet the past 4 years and ever since I started serving them in a bowl; they seem to taste even better. It's almost like having soup for breakfast. There's something so much more appealing about eating with a spoon than drinking the smoothie from a glass. The addition of toppings is the icing on cake; its satisfying and suddenly, the smoothie becomes so much more than just something you drink. It becomes a truly filling, absolutely delicious breakfast bowl. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I'm eating more smoothie bowls and experimenting with different flavours. The past 2 weeks have been all about Kiwis so lets get right to it.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Boyfriend's Graduation: First Class Honours Master of Chemistry Degree

Today has been a very special day; my other half graduated with a First Class Honours Master of Chemistry Degree! Words cannot describe how I love and am proud I am of this guy. I've been there during his time at university and I've seen his drive. I remember how we always resorted to having dates in Starbucks because he had research to complete or an exam to revise for, he's had numerous breakdowns and there were times when he just wanted to give up. Well, I'm ecstatic he didn't give up on his dream because look at what he can do. He worked tirelessly to achieve this outstanding degree classification and I couldn't be more excited for him to begin the next chapter of his life.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Gluten Free Vanilla Pancakes

The past weekend, I went shopping for my boyfriend's graduation gift which was a bit of a mission. Why are men so hard to shop for? Something did catch my eye after a good 3 hours and I'm so glad that's sorted. He graduates with a Master in Chemistry Degree next Tuesday and I am one proud girlfriend. All my IBS'ers where you at? Today, I'm throwing a gluten free treat your way & these gluten free vanilla pancakes got me needing an excuse to scoff them down all day, everyday.

 Even though flipping pancakes still drives me bonkers (still cant do it perfectly), it would be wonderful if I could magically make my free time in the mornings longer so these can make a regular breakfast appearance. Alas, I have no magic wand.  Gluten Free vanilla pancakes are easy and quick to make; all you need is an appetite and four main ingredients. I like them simple and straightforward; ones that ensure exceptionally delightful results every time.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Singaporean Fish Head Curry

When you're happy; make a good Curry! I've only gone and made my very first Singaporean fish head curry, yes you just read fish head. Let's focus on the nutritional value of this dish for just a moment. Fish offers high quality protein, omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin D. Why do you need these nutrients? Protein is required by the body for repair and growth. Omega-3 fatty acids are not synthesised in the body, they can only be acquired from food. They are an important part of cell membranes throughout the body affecting the cell receptors. Just to name a few. omega-3 fatty acids regulate the contraction and relation of the artery walls as well as blood clotting; they are crucial! Vitamin D regulates calcium and phosphorous absorption in the body, it also helps maintain healthy teeth and bones. We wouldn't want those teeth falling out for no reason now would we?

This is something I would've never tried a year ago but thanks to my Seafood obsessed boyfriend, I'm now open to trying out different foods at least once. I mean, what's the worst that could happen? I'm aware that the whole point of a curry is to also enjoy the soup that comes with it but unfortunately I'm not really a soup kind of girl and so my plate always consists of mainly solids. The recipe I used is so easy to follow and the flavours in this dish go so well together. It will be making a regular appearance, don't knock it until you try it.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Peanut Butter & Kiwi Breakfast Bowl

I strongly believe that preparation is the absolute key to a healthy lifestyle. Planning out your meals and workouts a few days in advance will help keep you motivated and on track. Your diet and workouts go hand in hand which is why it's important to allow plenty of time. A good breakfast is one that makes you feel amazing, one that's nutritious and keeps you going until lunchtime. Unhealthy snacking be gone! Oats are my go-to breakfast option most of the time and this is mainly because they are so easy to prepare and versatile. The list of toppings you can choose from is pretty much endless, it's all down to preference. Its a gorgeous, sunny day which calls for this peanut butter and kiwi breakfast bowl. 
It's been a while since I had the kiwifruit. There are a few health benefits associated with Kiwis and one of them like many other fruits and vegetables is Vitamin C. This vitamin is a crucial antioxidant and nutrient. Collagen (a hard and insoluble fibrous protein) which is the support system of the skin is reliant on Vitamin C. Kiwis have also been associated with better sleep in adults experiencing sleep problems (read the study Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition). The kiwifruit has high potassium content which can help reduce high blood pressure. Their taste is a cross between nectarines, strawberries and bananas; where else can you get that kind of mix?

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

School's Out

The past 9 months have been tough; education wise & personal life *phew* but they have also sparked a fire in me. It's been a while since I felt this strongly and determined about what I want to achieve in life. I've really taken the time to reflect, I've thought about what makes me happy and what's best for me. Acknowledging change, facing hardships and overcoming challenges is all part of the process. There comes a time when you have to LOOK AFTER YOURSELF and this is only the beginning.
As you're all aware, I've been studying an  Access to Biosciences course at CAVC the past 9 months and it involved three subject areas; Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biology. After numerous breakdowns, tears and sleepless nights I am proud to say I successfully completed the course 3 weeks ago. This was a hard course which required a lot of self-study, determination and time. I did not have a life and I mean this in the exact way you're thinking. My life revolved around never-ending assignments, tests and practicals. I was in Starbucks everyday including Saturdays and Sundays studying and there were times when I just wanted to quit. However, I had a goal. This was a step I had to complete to get closer to my goal and so I kept on swimming. I also rediscovered my love for Science *gosh I sound like such a geek*. I had always believed I was better at Biology than Chemistry; turns out I'm better at Chemistry than Biology which was a bit of an eye opener. I also compiled a playlist of uplifting songs that I listened to every day which helped. The greatest thing about music is that it can be translated in many different ways to fit different situations. The most played song on my playlist is...
So why did I put myself through these grueling 9 months? Well, the answer is simple.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Quinoa & Spinach Salad

This colourful quinoa salad makes a tremendous summer dish. What would I do without quinoa. Fast fact: Unlike most grains, Quinoa contains all nine of the essential amino acids and so it is a complete Protein. Gym enthusiasts; this grain should be your best friend for muscle growth and repair. Quinoa also offers a good amount of fiber which helps moves stool down the digestive tract and iron which is an important constituent of haemoglobin. With just 222 calories/cup, cooked quinoa is worth eating.
Can we just take a moment to appreciate my new Tivoli Melamine Bowl from Lakeland's picnic range. It looks heavy right? Well it's actually as light as a feather, durable and is very pretty. I'm constantly exploring greens, the dressings and what toppings I use to keep the flavours interesting. The quinoa got coated around the spinach easily and rather quickly making this salad just that little bit more appealing. I'm currently cutting down on my meat intake and so chicken breast is sitting this one out. Eggs are a great substitute and good source of protein. Packed with different textures, this salad makes a great light lunch or dinner during these gorgeous summer months.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

*One less thing to worry about with Bidvine

In this modern world we live in, time is not something we have much of. Whether it's working life, family life or sport that takes up most of your days;  there comes a time when something goes wrong or you're in need of a professional. Getting something done may not be the issue but dedicating your time might be. That's where Bidvine comes in; what is it? Well, Bidvine is an online company that offers a variety of services and they are all in one place. Need a painter? Find one on bidvine. Want to get healthy for the summer? Get yourself a Nutritionist through Bidvine. Emergency move and in need of a man with a van? That's right, find the right van man through Bidvine. This is a fast, free and effective way to obtain quotes from professionals in your local area. 

Their mission: "We make hiring local, trusted service professionals ridiculously simple - and help people use the time saved to pursue their passions." All you need is 10 minutes and Bidvine does all the work for you. You just need to answer a few questions specific to the service required e.g. Fitness (personal training, nutritionist, yoga etc), Photography (wedding, family etc), Home (Handyman; interior painting etc), Learning (piano; spanish etc). If you have a budget, you can also enter it at this point and of course your postcode to ensure your quotes are from local professionals. 

Monday, 26 June 2017

Breakfast with Nutritional Benefits

I love a good breakfast bowl, my favourite being a steaming bowl of Oats topped with delicious summer fruits. This is the greatest way to start off a busy day ahead. Oats are extremely versatile and nutritious; they can be used in a variety of meals and snack. A few of my favourite oat-filled snacks include oatmeal Pancakes, strawberry oatmeal bars and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Let's talk about their nutritional benefits; Oats are packed with insoluble and soluble fibre. Insoluble fibre helps aid movement during digestion by reducing constipation and this is one of the main reasons why I eat oats everyday. As an IBS sufferer, constipation can be a daily struggle. It is unpleasant but with the help of insoluble fibres and of course Magnesium hydroxide which is prescribed to me on a regular basis; bowel movement does improve. 

Soluble fibre helps lower cholesterol through the formation of a viscous gel and also helps with stabilising glucose levels. Oats are also naturally gluten free, it's nice to not have to watch my gluten intake for a change. They also keep you fuller for longer meaning avoiding unhealthy snacking gets easier mid morning.  One cup of cooked oatmeal contains about 150 calories, 6g of protein and 4g of fiber, this makes for a nicely balanced breakfast. 

Saturday, 24 June 2017

*Jamie's Italian Cardiff Super Lunch Menu Review

Gorgeous aroma; Italian-inspired, quirky interior decor and a buzzing, friendly atmosphere at first glance are just some of the makings of a great restaurant. Last week I received an email from the lovely people at Jamie's Italian asking if I would be interested in popping into my local Jamie's Italian to try out a few dishes on their Super Lunch Menu then review. Of course I jumped at the chance and my lovely boyfriend came along with me. This was my very first visit to the Jamie's Italian restaurant here in Cardiff and I had always wondered how it would compare to so many other popular restaurants. I've been so busy with my studies this year that I haven't had much opportunity to eat out as much as I'd like. Then again, I thoroughly enjoy cooking so no complaints there. Now that my studies are over for the summer; I'm delving back into blogging head first. 

When we walked in, we were greeted with a smile and seated at our table promptly. We had a nice table by the window and this was effective as I had lots of natural light for shooting my food photos. After being handed the menus, we schemed through & ordered our drinks. Our waitress (Megan) is probably one of the nicest people I've ever met; she was young and bubbly, extremely helpful & our conversation with her was free flowing which instantly made us feel comfortable. 

Perfectly situated in the city centre, Jamie's Italian offers delicious Italian food prepared with "fresh, carefully sourced, seasonal ingredients". Their super lunch menu offers gluten free, vegan and healthy options all at a very reasonable price. Jamie Oliver as we all know is a big brand and I'll be the first to admit that I was expecting their prices to be a lot higher than they actually are. Do I have your attention now? You know you want to read more 

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Genius Gluten Free Toast 2 ways: Sweet & Savoury

After making my own bread the last few months, I'm on a Genius Gluten free bread kick. Thought I'd give it a try as I don't always have enough time on my hands to bake. This morning, I'm having both sweet and savoury toast, why stick to one flavour when you can have both? These two versions are definite favourites; toast topped with yogurt, whether sweet or savoury, is as flavourful as it gets. 

This breakfast is IBS friendly and can easily pass for lunch or even a snack. It's nutritious, requires minimal ingredients and takes just a few minutes prepare. Unfortunately, it doesn't take much to scarf it down; disappears as fast as it appears.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

*Jamie Oliver’s Infographic: The Buyer’s Guide To Olive Oil

A very handy how to guide on professional tasting from me to you; you can thank me later. Cooking oil is one of those things that can be rather challenging to shop for depending on what dish you're planning to make. Jamie's Italian to the rescue, this guide is very handy; one that should be hanging on your fridge for easy access.

Summer was made for light, colourful salads and it seems I was using the wrong oil (pure olive oil) all along for my dressing. After using extra virgin oil in my Greek salad last night, I could definitely tell the difference in taste. Extra virgin oil added a richness; this my friends is a crowd-pleaser and the greek salad, outstanding! Want to know more? Read n...

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Wagamama Cardiff Review

Up for some fine Japanese food, Wagamama is where you need to go. We called in double date style for what seems to be the 100th time and were not disappointed by the service one. I don't know about you but being greeted with a friendly smile makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside; it's such a lovely feeling. It's very rare to find Wagamama empty and last week was no exception; buzzing atmosphere and full tables. No matter how hot it gets, I never sit outside a restaurant because for me that defeats the whole idea of 'eating out'. I want to smell the food's sweet aroma, undergo the noisy atmosphere; it's all about getting the full experience. Well, that and the fact that I need to snap lots of photos for reviews such as this one so you guys are aware of the best places to eat in Cardiff.
 We were promptly seated and handed some menus; can I just say it is really hard to pick one dish thanks to the menus being overly populated. Everything looked super tasty but I had to go with Chilli Sirloin Steak Ramen. As much as I love Udon noodles and as tempting as it was to order ginger chicken udon (teppanyaki); I'm just not quite over Ramen! The meals come out as and when they are ready which is one of my favourite things about Wagamama; freshly made food.

Teapigs Mao Feng Green Tea Review

With it's delicate, refreshing taste that feels like a warm summer's day, Mao Feng sure is a top contender. All my tea lovers where you at? Summer's approaching fast and with the weather getting warmer, tea will most likely be left behind which is very unfortunate. Well it sure won't be left behind in my world. Hot or cold, tea is my number go to beverage due to its comforting ability as well as the health benefits that come with it. Teapigs have been on a mission since 2006; their mission, to get the nation drinking tea again. A mission I'm more than happy to support as I'm an avid tea drinker, one that always goes for the mug that tells a story.
This is the first of their teas I've ever tried and of course I went for Mao feng green tea; a strong favourite of mine. Now the most important question as always is what is in this tea? Absolutely nothing but pure Mao feng green tea. Now that's music to my ears.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Roasted Lemon Mint Chicken Thighs

The delicate flavour of mint and lemon goes so well together, a great way to finish off a nice, relaxing weekend. I'm giving the casseroles a rest this week to I explore lighter, more summery foods that go with this gorgeous, sunny weather we've been having lately. & well, chicken is never a bad start.

I officially finished my course on Thursday so it's been a very relaxing weekend. I cannot remember the last time I woke up and thought 'wow, I have nothing to do today'. Everybody deserves a break and I strongly believe I have earned mine. No thinking about Chemistry or Biochemistry; for the summer at least. For a no-fuss Sunday dinner, these chicken thighs are a perfect choice.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Ground Beef Chickpea & Broccoli Casserole

Somebody please stop me from constantly making casseroles; it's starting to feel like this is all I eat. Well in reality, casseroles do make up a big part of my diet mainly because it's such an easy way to get in my 5 a day; depending on the ingredients in the casserole, they are IBS friendly; no brain power is required to make it and the amount of dishes at the end of the night are significantly lower. At least my boyfriend seems to be perfectly content with our home-cooked meals.
I love Chickpeas, there I said it! These little bundles of joy come equipped with a number of health benefits. A few tablespoons of chickpeas are equivalent to one portion of the recommended 5 a day. They are a good source of vitamins and minerals as well as fibre. The soluble fibre provided by chickpeas can help lower cholesterol. Why not cook this up on one of those 'what on earth are we having for dinner' days; you will not be disappointed.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Garlic and Chilli Rice Soup *Suitable for Vegetarians*

I don't know whether my lack of motivation towards a night out with the girls is just pure laziness or the first sign of old age. The past couple of months, I'd much rather sit in front of the TV with a huge bowl of berries and greek yogurt; movies ahoy! Just thought I'd make a rather substantial dinner today that did not require much effort or thought; it's Sunday, don't judge me. Anyway, this is more of a light stew than a soup as it's quite ample! It's a flavourful dish that is so easy and quick to throw together; one I'm sure the whole family will love.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Gluten Free Brown Loaf

There is nothing quite like the smell of freshly baked bread on a Saturday morning. Whilst others are excited about the UEFA Champions League Final taking place today in my hometown (Cardiff), I'm more ecstatic about the fact that I have finally mastered the art of making wholemeal bread! Give me cakes, pastries, biscuits; you name it, I'll bake it. Getting Bread's texture right however was quite a challenge. Because of my IBS, gluten has become one of my worst enemies, its all about portion size. Because wheat is a high FODMAP food, it isn't digested and absorbed well in my body. Basically my Gut lets me down every time. This is why I used Doves Farm Gluten Free Brown Bread Flour.

If you are unable to eat Gluten, Dove's flour is the flour for you. I also used Dove's quick yeast which is also Gluten free, wheat free, daily free and vegan friendly. Are you loving Dove's yet? Bread is actually a nutritious food, it's a good source of fibre and contains, zinc, manganese, iron and magnesium. Oh yes, the recipe; I won't keep you waiting any longer.

Thursday, 1 June 2017


Now this my friends is a real crowd-pleaser, let's hear it for Salsa. Who doesn't love a bit of Salsa especially in the summer? It's low fat, super healthy and fresh; the flavours and scent are just insane which is why I decided to make myself some Salsa for the 100th time. Get those Doritos ready because this will be a quick one.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Beef & Broccoli Soup

Death by assignment, send help! Why is the end always the hardest! Its been a long, grey, wet day which has not helped my mood but this bowl of goodness sure has. I love steak; I'm not talking T bone nor am I talking sirloin; I am talking Rump! Yes, I am a rump steak kind of girl and tonight I've treated myself to some hearty steak and broccoli soup for dinner.

3 reasons why I love broccoli: It's a very good source of dietary fiber (aids digestion and prevents constipation whih is ideal for IBS),  Broccoli is also a good source of protein, calcium, zinc, vitamin B1, omega-3 fatty acids and magnesium. Of all the vegetables from the Brassica family, broccoli is the cutest., I mean, it looks like a mini tree; a very nutritious one that. This is an easy way to feed the whole family and keep warm on a cold, rainy spring day.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Chicken & Green Bean Curry

It seems I have lost all motivation when it comes to revision and so I turned my focus to cooking instead this evening. There is nothing quite like a delicious chicken curry to get your mood up after a long day of schooling. The British Heart Foundation publish some awesome, nutritious recipes on their website and yes you've guessed it; that's where I found this little gem of a recipe. 
I'm more than willing to cook up anything that's curry related, the flavour and aroma keeps me going back for more. I did tweak the recipe a little but this is due to my rather fussy palate. This chicken & green bean curry is absolutely delightful; a dish that the whole family can enjoy.

Thursday, 18 May 2017


The Addams family was one of my favourite childhood movies, it still is one of the favs. And well, every 90s girl out there has dressed like Wednesday Addams at one point or another and that's how I'm feeling in this monochrome get up. I'm currently into all things cute and my space buns are definitely here to stay; I mean what could possibly go wrong? My course is nearly over and it's finally starting sink in. I've made so many amazing friends but unfortunately we will all be going our separate ways to pursue our chosen careers. Some are now life long friends and I cannot wait to visit the new cities they will be making their new home. Phht, who needs hotels when you have friends dotted around the UK.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Benefits of eating Blueberries

Blueberries are one of the most nutrient-dense foods around and are also one of my favourite foods to eat. As you may have noticed on my Instagram, I especially love having them in my Oat breakfast bowls alongside a variety of fruits every morning so as to yield better nutrition. Blueberries are a 'superfood' that contains a tremendous amount of antioxidants. These tiny balls of goodness are super tasty and offer numerous health benefits.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Skater what?

I'm a sucker for a good skater skirt, one that can be paired up with anything at the snap of a finger. That my friends is the laziness talking. I shouldn't have to wear a turtleneck jumper late May, UK weather what is going on? I though this was supposed to be Spring, you know the one where the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the turtlenecks are locked away only to resurface when winter comes. Unacceptable if you ask me, just cruising through life, aloof. It is meant to be a nice day tomorrow though we will just have to wait and see. Today I come at you in tartan tarty get up that's made up of my two favourite things right now; a good skirt and super cute tights. It's all about reppin one trend at a time, phht who am I kidding, I don't think this phase will last.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Easter Weekend Hiking 2017: Pen y Fan, Wales

Now, I'm not one for hiking because I am absolutely terrified of heights but I was manipulated over the Easter break by my friends to climb Pen y Fan, the highest peak in South Wales standing at 886 metres above sea level. This was my first time hiking and boy, it was not easy. Only one thing left to say, what an experience! the sweat, the muscle cramps and the tears were all worth it as I have never been prouder of myself with the exception of my graduation 2 years ago. On this day, my afro was out with a vengeance.

The paths to the top are good and the view you get from the top of this mountain is absolutely incredible. As you can imagine, you're standing at the top of a mountain so watch out for the winds; they are fairly strong and that can be dangerous. Ensure you dress appropriately, well warm; have a little something to snack on in your backpack if you wish and comfortable shoes are a must. This is a challenging walk if you're a first time hiker like me so toughen up, get the heart rate going and stay hydrated. This is one view you'll never forget.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Spring Garden

It's actually been a really nice, sunny day. What sorcery is this? I started off with Chemistry presentation this morning on Thalidomide and whether it should be reintroduced for the treatment of Multiple Myeloma. It went really well, a lot better than I was expecting and I'm so glad that's out of the way. The past few hours of my life have been filled with nothing but excitement. I've been sitting at this same desk revising for my Biochemistry exam on Tuesday, ah the joys of being a student. One can never attain too much knowledge. Today's outfit was rather playful; when you take life too seriously you tend to forget to appreciate the little things. And so let's take a moment to appreciate these adorable heart tights from Spreepicky, I have a new found love for cute socks and pretty tights. Anything but plain. 

*Pique Tea: Sencha green, Earl grey & Jasmine

It's not every day that I receive a cute little gift all the way from San Francisco. I'm an avid fan of all things tea so thank you to the team at Pique Tea for this sweet little sample. Here's how to make tea the Pique way; just add water and voila, drink away. As you can imagine, I was a bit dubious about this new way of tea consumption, so much so that I had to do my own digging first. It's quite remarkable just how water soluble these crystals are, they made the whole tea-making process effortless. Pique tea has definitely revolutionised the way we drink; the main reason being their tea's crystallised form. Their teas are organic and taste rather exceptional. One of the main reasons why I love and drink tea so much is because of the health benefits it offers. I'm sure you're already aware that tea can improve your skin and it has less caffeine than coffee.

Tea also reduces Cortisol levels; cortisol being the stress hormone that contributes to belly fat. According to a study conducted in 2007, daily tea consumption for six weeks is likely to help your cortisol levels drop back to normal faster. Pique tea has zero sugar, comes in natural flavours, is full of flavonoids also known as catechins and has some important amino acids. This is no doubt the quickest cup of tea I've ever made. Even though convenience is great, I'm all about the taste.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Beef & Brocoli Casserole

Now that we've established the fact that I cook way too many casseroles; lets make it official. It might be an idea to create a Casseroles category on this blog; it will be so much easier for you casserole lovers to find my recipes. Anyway, I decided to make a casserole this evening because they are super convenient. As I'm coming to the end of my course, I barely have any free time and so cooking in bulk saves me having to cook the next day or two. This nutrient packed casserole is a great way to get in your five a day from just one dish; of course it wouldn't hurt to throw in a fruity desert. Not fond of brocoli? No problem, the spices I use in this will completely change your outlook on the smallest trees nature has to offer.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

*My ZAFUL Summer Wishlist

                             Thin Strap Floral Skater Sun Dress - White                Abstract Print A-Line Dress - White
Summer is slowly creeping up and the weather is getting warmer; cute summer dresses and floral skirts will make up the frontline of my summer wardrobe. I've recently come across Zaful (an online store) and I'm completely smitten with just how cute their clothes are. Of course I had to do a little digging of my own just for my own peace of mind. A few bloggers I'm familiar with have purchased from zaful with good feedback that's pretty reassuring. My first pick is that Floral cami sundress which features a spaghetti strap collar line and flared skirt. The dress looks light and cheery, one perfect for a hot summer's day. My second pick is that Abstract print a-line dress, we all love a bit of monochrome. This is the kind of dress you can take straight into autumn by swapping bare legs for a cute pair of sheer white tights.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Grilled Curried Mackerel

Mackerel is one of the most consumed fish all over the world and just so happens to be one of the healthiest when baked, steamed or grilled. It's packed with a high amount of protein, omega-3-fatty acids and lowers risk of diabetes. Mackerel contains healthy fats including monounsaturated fatty acids which play a role in controlling blood sugar levels and prevention. These are just some of Mackerel's health benefits, there's more. Have a read of different Dietitian blogs and health and well being websites; they provide an insight into food science and it's a big ol' world. 
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