Saturday, 27 May 2017

*Must-have Zaful Swimsuits

It seems the sun has finally decided to come around and that can only mean one thing, S U M M E R is coming! There is nothing quite like a yellow bathing suit, one that's bold and appealing to the naked eye. This summer is all about living; merely existing in this world just won't cut it; what better way to start than stocking up on the perfect swimsuits. The high cut bottoms and cute ruffles are a nice touch, no accessories needed. If yellow is too bold for you, how about something that's sure to give you a sense of peace and serenity. You guessed it, I'm talking about the white bathing suit.

A white swimsuit is definitely a summer staple. It doesn't have to be plain white either as they come in a variety of prints. Zaful has quickly become one of my favourite brands, I'm especially fond of their dresses and of course swimsuits. Picture this; a hot summer's day on the beach, donning a stand out swimsuit, strawberry daiquiri in hand; now that sounds like a perfect day.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Chicken & Green Bean Curry

It seems I have lost all motivation when it comes to revision and so I turned my focus to cooking instead this evening. There is nothing quite like a delicious chicken curry to get your mood up after a long day of schooling. The British Heart Foundation publish some awesome, nutritious recipes on their website and yes you've guessed it; that's where I found this little gem of a recipe. 
I'm more than willing to cook up anything that's curry related, the flavour and aroma keeps me going back for more. I did tweak the recipe a little but this is due to my rather fussy palate. This chicken & green bean curry is absolutely delightful; a dish that the whole family can enjoy.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Teapigs Mao Feng Green Tea

With it's delicate, refreshing taste that feels like a warm summer's day, Mao Feng sure is a top contender. All my tea lovers where you at? Summer's approaching fast and with the weather getting warmer, tea will most likely be left behind which is very unfortunate. Well it sure won't be left behind in my world. Hot or cold, tea is my number go to beverage due to its comforting ability as well as the health benefits that come with it. Teapigs have been on a mission since 2006; their mission, to get the nation drinking tea again. A mission I'm more than happy to support as I'm an avid tea drinker, one that always goes for the mug that tells a story.

This is the first of their teas I've ever tried and of course I went for Mao feng green tea; a strong favourite of mine. Now the most important question as always is what is in this tea? Absolutely nothing but pure Mao feng green tea. Now that's music to my ears.

Thursday, 18 May 2017


The Addams family was one of my favourite childhood movies, it still is one of the favs. And well, every 90s girl out there has dressed like Wednesday Addams at one point or another and that's how I'm feeling in this monochrome get up. I'm currently into all things cute and my space buns are definitely here to stay; I mean what could possibly go wrong? My course is nearly over and it's finally starting sink in. I've made so many amazing friends but unfortunately we will all be going our separate ways to pursue our chosen careers. Some are now life long friends and I cannot wait to visit the new cities they will be making their new home. Phht, who needs hotels when you have friends dotted around the UK.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Benefits of eating Blueberries

Blueberries are one of the most nutrient-dense foods around and are also one of my favourite foods to eat. As you may have noticed on my Instagram, I especially love having them in my Oat breakfast bowls alongside a variety of fruits every morning so as to yield better nutrition. Blueberries are a 'superfood' that contains a tremendous amount of antioxidants. These tiny balls of goodness are super tasty and offer numerous health benefits.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Singaporean Fish Head Curry

When revision gives you a headache; make a good Curry! At least that's exactly what I've done this evening. I've only gone and made my very first Singaporean fish head curry, yes you just read fish head. Let's focus on the nutritional value of this dish for just a moment. Fish offers high quality protein, omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin D. Why do you need these nutrients? Protein is required by the body for repair and growth. Omega-3 fatty acids are not synthesised in the body, they can only be acquired from food. They are an important part of cell membranes throughout the body affecting the cell receptors. Just to name a few. omega-3 fatty acids regulate the contraction and relation of the artery walls as well as blood clotting; they are crucial! Vitamin D regulates calcium and phosphorous absorption in the body, it also helps maintain healthy teeth and bones. We wouldn't want those teeth falling out for no reason now would we?

This is something I would've never tried a year ago but thanks to my Seafood obsessed boyfriend, I'm now open to trying out different foods at least once. I mean, what's the worst that could happen? I'm aware that the whole point of a curry is to also enjoy the soup that comes with it but unfortunately I'm not really a soup kind of girl and so my plate always consists of mainly solids. The recipe I used is so easy to follow and the flavours in this dish go so well together. It will be making a regular appearance, don't knock it until you try it.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Easter Weekend Hiking 2017: Pen y Fan, Wales

Now, I'm not one for hiking because I am absolutely terrified of heights but I was manipulated over the Easter break by my friends to climb Pen y Fan, the highest peak in South Wales standing at 886 metres above sea level. This was my first time hiking and boy, it was not easy. Only one thing left to say, what an experience! the sweat, the muscle cramps and the tears were all worth it as I have never been prouder of myself with the exception of my graduation 2 years ago. On this day, my afro was out with a vengeance.

The paths to the top are good and the view you get from the top of this mountain is absolutely incredible. As you can imagine, you're standing at the top of a mountain so watch out for the winds; they are fairly strong and that can be dangerous. Ensure you dress appropriately, well warm; have a little something to snack on in your backpack if you wish and comfortable shoes are a must. This is a challenging walk if you're a first time hiker like me so toughen up, get the heart rate going and stay hydrated. This is one view you'll never forget.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Spring Garden

It's actually been a really nice, sunny day. What sorcery is this? I started off with Chemistry presentation this morning on Thalidomide and whether it should be reintroduced for the treatment of Multiple Myeloma. It went really well, a lot better than I was expecting and I'm so glad that's out of the way. The past few hours of my life have been filled with nothing but excitement. I've been sitting at this same desk revising for my Biochemistry exam on Tuesday, ah the joys of being a student. One can never attain too much knowledge. Today's outfit was rather playful; when you take life too seriously you tend to forget to appreciate the little things. And so let's take a moment to appreciate these adorable heart tights from Spreepicky, I have a new found love for cute socks and pretty tights. Anything but plain. 

*Pique Tea: Sencha green, Earl grey & Jasmine

It's not every day that I receive a cute little gift all the way from San Francisco. I'm an avid fan of all things tea so thank you to the team at Pique Tea for this sweet little sample. Here's how to make tea the Pique way; just add water and voila, drink away. As you can imagine, I was a bit dubious about this new way of tea consumption, so much so that I had to do my own digging first. It's quite remarkable just how water soluble these crystals are, they made the whole tea-making process effortless. Pique tea has definitely revolutionised the way we drink; the main reason being their tea's crystallised form. Their teas are organic and taste rather exceptional. One of the main reasons why I love and drink tea so much is because of the health benefits it offers. I'm sure you're already aware that tea can improve your skin and it has less caffeine than coffee.

Tea also reduces Cortisol levels; cortisol being the stress hormone that contributes to belly fat. According to a study conducted in 2007, daily tea consumption for six weeks is likely to help your cortisol levels drop back to normal faster. Pique tea has zero sugar, comes in natural flavours, is full of flavonoids also known as catechins and has some important amino acids. This is no doubt the quickest cup of tea I've ever made. Even though convenience is great, I'm all about the taste.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Beef & Brocoli Casserole

Now that we've established the fact that I cook way too many casseroles; lets make it official. It might be an idea to create a Casseroles category on this blog; it will be so much easier for you casserole lovers to find my recipes. Anyway, I decided to make a casserole this evening because they are super convenient. As I'm coming to the end of my course, I barely have any free time and so cooking in bulk saves me having to cook the next day or two. This nutrient packed casserole is a great way to get in your five a day from just one dish; of course it wouldn't hurt to throw in a fruity desert. Not fond of brocoli? No problem, the spices I use in this will completely change your outlook on the smallest trees nature has to offer.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

*My ZAFUL Summer Wishlist

                             Thin Strap Floral Skater Sun Dress - White                Abstract Print A-Line Dress - White
Summer is slowly creeping up and the weather is getting warmer; cute summer dresses and floral skirts will make up the frontline of my summer wardrobe. I've recently come across Zaful (an online store) and I'm completely smitten with just how cute their clothes are. Of course I had to do a little digging of my own just for my own peace of mind. A few bloggers I'm familiar with have purchased from zaful with good feedback that's pretty reassuring. My first pick is that Floral cami sundress which features a spaghetti strap collar line and flared skirt. The dress looks light and cheery, one perfect for a hot summer's day. My second pick is that Abstract print a-line dress, we all love a bit of monochrome. This is the kind of dress you can take straight into autumn by swapping bare legs for a cute pair of sheer white tights.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Grilled Curried Mackerel

Mackerel is one of the most consumed fish all over the world and just so happens to be one of the healthiest when baked, steamed or grilled. It's packed with a high amount of protein, omega-3-fatty acids and lowers risk of diabetes. Mackerel contains healthy fats including monounsaturated fatty acids which play a role in controlling blood sugar levels and prevention. These are just some of Mackerel's health benefits, there's more. Have a read of different Dietitian blogs and health and well being websites; they provide an insight into food science and it's a big ol' world. 

Thursday, 4 May 2017

*Mr Lee's Noodles #3: Penang Chicken Curry Laksa

Exam season means less time to cook up my favourite meals; well Mr Lee's Noodles to the rescue. I tried out their Penang chicken curry laksa and it was definitely satisfying. I'm a huge fan of spicy food and so I was really sure how I'd feel about medium spicy. Well, I can safely say that this medium spicy flavour tasted rather exceptional. Let me refresh your memory:Mr Lee's noodles are Gluten Free, Not artificial which can only mean that they are the real deal and 100% recyclable. They are also low in saturated fats, calories, sugar and salt. Why not avoid unhealthy snacking & take out this exam season? Say goodbye to hidden sugars; 3 minutes is all the time you need to enjoy this delicious bowl of noodles

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Daydreams & Ice-creams

Good day earthlings and Happy new month! I finish my course in just 4 weeks and so as you can imagine I'm under a lot of pressure not to mention stress. I can't even believe that I've pulled through all those long nights and rendevous' with good ol' Chemistry; my goodness. I'm currently buried under a huge pile of books & will be until early June as I've got a few exams and practical assessments coming up plus assignments that are due in. Yes, this is my life at the moment *wah wah* so please bear with me whilst I try to catch up with all my posts. I've got some great summer recipes to share with you as well as some cool outfits; I'm currently collaborating with a few Chinese brands so lot's of blogger mail coming my way. It seems throwing some space buns into the mix can work wonders, now I don't feel so bad for being such a tiny human.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Pan Fried Chicken Liver

Liver anyone? I was never a fan, it seems I've turned a new leaf. Chicken liver is rich in B vitamins and Protein. It is also a good source of Thiamin, Zinc and Manganese, Riboflavin, Niacin and Pantothenic Acid. The main reason why you should be eating liver is that it is the highest source of Iron and out-performs some of the most nutritious foods we know, like spinach. I've never been keen on liver to be honest but you know what, I cooked it pretty well today. After trying out a few different recipes, changing them up and making them my own; I've come up with exceptionally flavourful pan fried chicken liver fit for inquisitive taste buds.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Embarassed by my Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is seen as one of the most embarrassing disorders to have and from experience, I can safely say that some of the obstacles I've faced have proved this to be true. I'm dishing out the deepest pits of humiliation that my IBS causes. After suffering for 7 years not knowing what was wrong with me, I had a laparoscopy done May 2016 which put an end to that mystery. Some of the challenges I face include extreme abdominal pain which I have nearly everyday, feeling sick, bloating, loss of appetite, trouble sleeping, painful sex, unstable bowel habits and most recently night sweats and hot flushes. I used to be embarrassed to talk about this disorder until I realised that there was point in hiding what IBS is about. Very few people are aware of this disorder or what it entails and more awareness is needed. With time, I've learnt to manage my IBS through diet by avoiding my triggers (high gluten foods) or limiting my intake, exercise and trying to stay stress free as often as possible. There are some situations where this culprit makes me want to crawl under a rock and stay there, it is such a messy problem.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

Film Review: The Fate of the Furious

As much as I love a good soulful movie, I too love a bit of action. This past Easter weekend was all about fast and furious 8 here in Cardiff. The St Davids Centre even let us all get a piece of the action by presenting this installing in the shopping and retail centre (pictured below). If you haven't watched this movie yet, what are you waiting for! I'm a big fan of all the Fast and furious movies but this one stands out from all the rest. I mean, aren't you that little bit curious why Torreto went rogue? When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I was absolutely furious. How could he, why would he betray his family? That's the main reason why I watched the movie and it was worth it. This is a suspense filled, action-packed movie that's sure to keep you hooked all the way through if you're into fast cars and a bit of danger. It is fun and exciting, it is entertainment.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Knee High Dreams

I used to take fashion blogging seriously back in the day to the point where I lost my passion and interest. This time round,  I'm not scheduling any shoots; I'm snapping as I go along and just taking everything a step at a time. I've spent my day switching between the library and Costa, wah wah, even though I look super happy there. Thankfully, most of my assignments are finished and so I'm feeling very accomplished. To think that I will be finishing my course in just 7 weeks is a bit scary, where the time gone?

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Daisy Train

Don't fret, it's only little ol' me back to my grungy ways and it's been a long time coming. As much as I enjoy exploring other styles as well as playing mix and match with my wardrobe, I'm forever team grunge and feels good to be back. I come at you in this rather cute, spring appropriate ensemble; one that's playful with just the right amount of edge. What better way to capture grunge than shooting by an old cracked door? Going against the grey weather is the idea and mixing up different patterns/textures is the game.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

What's wrong with Afro-textured hair?

The answer to that question is ABSOLUTELY NOTHINGIn this modern society; our generation feels the pressures of making our hair appear straighter. This is mainly to fit in and give ourselves the best possible opportunities in life. Our natural Afros are judged and viewed as unprofessional & I cannot understand why. The media doesn't help this situation either, there aren't many black role models with natural textured hair; can you think of any from the top of your head? How is our generation as well as the younger generation supposed to know it's okay to have hair like this when it is constantly disapproved?

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Basic Easter Muffins

Happy Easter! Kind of wish I had baked up a batch of Easter themed cupcakes instead after scrolling though Instagram but there are times when simple is better. Besides, I'm way too tired to get creative today after going hiking with friends yesterday. Whenever I bake up a batch of muffins, they are never plain; I'm talking flavours like chocolate chip, nut and raisin, blueberry or cranberry orange. That was until I came to the sad realisation that I'm not quite sure how an actual plain muffin tastes, thanks to overpowering stir ins aforementioned. That changed today when I sunk my teeth into a good ol' plain muffin for the very first time, quite the experience. They may not be fancy, gourmet style muffins but they are the core and are sure to bring an even bigger smile to your face. 

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Bell Pepper Chicken Soup

As happy as I am that spring came around, I'm a little bit sad to be leaving behind heart-warming soups and stews like these; ones that truly serve their purpose in the cold weather. Spring and summer were meant for lighter meals. I'm talking tasty wraps, salads, maybe soups like squash soup and of course don't forget to always get those Carbohydrates by throwing in the staples. Then again, UK weather doesn't exactly get that much warmer in the Spring or Summer so there's a chance I'll still be sneaking one of these hearty soups every once in a while.

Sautéed potatoes and vegetables *vegetarian friendly*

Sometimes all you need is simple dish after a long day, one that is comforting and wholesome. I'm probably rice's biggest fan but unfortunately it's one of my triggers and so I've had to cut down. Yes you got me, I am cheating on rice with potatoes. Being faithful to just one staple food is proving rather challenging, after all, it is said that variety is the spice of life. I've been studying recipe books a lot lately, trying to put together my own recipes that are IBS friendly with lots of flavour. In case you haven't noticed, I've got a really fussy palate. Potatoes are one of my favourite things to cook because of their versatility, a quick vegetable mash up.

Paco Rabanne Black XS For Her Sensual Body Lotion

If there is one thing I strongly believe you should take care of is your skin! When I was younger, I struggled with dry skin and very few lotions worked for me; most didn't seem to hydrate my skin. Then I met this 150ml miracle in a bottle, Paco Rabanne Black XS Body Lotion.

Monday, 10 April 2017

My Laparoscopy experience | Featuring belly pics

It's nearly a year since I had my first laparoscopy to check for endometriosis and so as you can imagine, I'm a bit late uploading this video. I remember how I nervous I was the night before and how glad I was when it was over. You can read my night before post here and my 3 weeks post laparoscopy surgery post here. So sit back, relax and have a listen to my story featuring some gross belly pics. If you're squeamish, apologies.


  • You can't eat after midnight the day before your surgery.
  • Pack a bag with all your essentials the night before to save you some time.
  • It's always better to arrive half an hour before your scheduled time.
  • Wear loose clothing to your surgery because I promise you, you'll rip off anything tight afterwards.
  • They access your pain after the surgery on a scale of 1 to 10 during your time in recovery. Be honest.
  • You will be prescribed medication to help with pain; take it as instructed.
  • You can eat normally after surgery.
  • Your belly will be bloated for several days after the surgery. This is normal so don't worry too much.
  • Your throat will be sore for about two days because of the trach tube.
  • You won't be able to move properly the first 48 to 72 hours because of the pain. Standing up and sitting up is a very big challenge.
  • Sexual activity; I could not think of anything worse. My sex drive has dropped due to the pain so I don't see anything like that happening for a good few weeks. Full recovery first.

Nokhuthula xo 

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Belgian dark chocolate & Puffed brown rice Oats breakfast bowl

Its a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning and I'm starting it off with this simple oats breakfast bowl topped with belgian dark chocolate and puffed brown rice. Oats and puffed brown rice keep me full for a good few hours, keeping me going through the day and are great for IBS. I'm more focused on the dark chocolate part of the bowl, I mean its chocolate! Dark chocolate has nutrients that benefit your health containing soluble fiber and minerals as well as contains biologically active organic compounds that act as strong antioxidants.
Dark chocolate also raises high-density lipoprotein in turn protecting low-density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol) from undergoing oxidation. This means LDL is stopped from reacting with free radicals in the body causing it to be reactive resulting in damage to body tissues. And finally, this is one of the biggest and known reason to eat dark chocolate, it reduces the risk of heart disease. Your heart is an organ you have to protect. Puffed brown rice is a great alternative to refined, high sugar cereals available in mainstream supermarkets. Puffed brown rice is 100% whole brown rice that offers a variety of nutritional benefits. Whatever your topping preference, they sure will taste great.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Chicken & Sweet Potato Casserole

April is IBS awareness month and today I'm highlighting one of my favourite IBS friendly dishes, a dish I cooked for the very first time 2 years. It's amazing how just one dish can stick with you. There is nothing more heart-warming and comforting than a flavourful casserole combining juicy chicken and sweet potato. Casseroles are definitely a big contender when it comes to being one of the tastiest chicken dishes out there. What's so great about a casserole is that you get to experience so many different flavours in just one dish. There is no need for major seasoning with this dish so how about you let the natural flavours do the talking. 

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Homer Doughnuts

This simple yet iconic pink doughnut has Homer Simpson written all over it. I cannot remember the last time I indulged in a treat so basic yet so tasty but you know what, I have earned it. After being hidden under a pile of books the past few weeks, I've finally got a few days to breathe having had my Chemistry exam today. It was tough, just hoping for the best I guess but I'm sure glad that's over. All the more reason why I decided to throw on an apron and bake some Homer Doughnuts. I suggest you you eat up these little delights whilst watching an episode of The Simpsons; they somehow taste better that way. After all, you have Homer to thank for this one.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Strawberry & Banana Oats Breakfast Bowl

As tempting as it is to have a line in and skip breakfast altogether on Sundays, it isn't ideal. Breakfast is definitely a saily struggle which is why I tend to keep my trusty Oats close by mainly because of their nutritional value and versatility. Oats are low in saturated fat and are a good source of vitamins minerals and antioxidants. They keep you fuller for longer and of course keep you energised. Rolled oats and chia seeds are my two absolute essentials when putting together a breakfast bowl, they are the building blocks. As for toppings, endless variations await. APRIL IS IBS AWARENESS MONTH and so this month's posts will be jam-packed with some of my FODMAP favourites.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Curried Potatoes

In the mood for a delicious, Indian inspired potato dish; keep on reading. This flavourful dish will quickly become a family favourite; one that requires very basic ingredients and an appetite. As we all know, potatoes are a very versatile food that can be prepared in a number of different ways and are of great nutritional value. Their flesh and skin contains different kinds of vitamins and phytochemicals that are essential for the body, another one you can add to your list of reasons why all kinds of potatoes should be loved. Let's dive right into the details of how you can make this delightful number.

Monday, 27 March 2017

*Mr Lee's Noodles Flavour #2: Dragon Fire Mushroom

I'm currently buried under a pile of books, anyone care lend a hand? I've got a few assignments to complete and an exam to revise for which is why it seems the days just aren't long enough. As you might remember, I received a package from Mr Lee's Noodles  a few weeks back to review, read my first post here if you missed it. I have finally gotten round to trying flavour number two and this one sure was fire. Apart from being gluten free, Mr Lee's Noodles contain freeze dried ingredients, what does this mean for you? Well, it means that once rehydrated the nutritional value of these noodles is similar to that of fresh food. Want to know more about freeze drying, click here.What goes with studying better than coffee, noodles obviously. I don't know about you but nothing sticks in my head when I'm hungry. What can I say; small girl, big world and an even bigger appetite. Not even IBS can stop me.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Crispy Breaded Chicken

When you cook, what's your main goal? To present a delicious, succulent meal so why over complicate recipes? I strongly believe that a simple recipe with fewer ingredients is easier to follow and can sometimes turn out a lot better. It helps that chicken is extremely versatile and so can be cooked in many different way. I stock my fridge every week without fail. This breaded & baked chicken can be enjoyed by the whole family! In fact, why not prepare the chicken together and get in some family fun?

Spinach & Cucumber Breakfast Smoothie

A quick and easy way to get in essential Minerals and Vitamins is by whipping up this refreshing, filling Spinach and Cucumber Smoothie. Spinach is number one on my list of vital vegetables and this because it's high in Vitamins A, C and K, as well as B vitamins.  Cucumbers on the other hand are an excellent source of vitamin K and Pantothenic acid. I presented pantothenic acid in bold to emphasise just how important it is. As well as playing a role in the break down of carbohydrates and fats for energy, pantothenic acid aids in the manufacture of red blood cells. Cucumbers are also a good source of copper, vitamin C, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, biotin and Thiamine or Vitamin B1. This green nutrient powerhouse is one of the best ways to start off the day. However, juicing has a downside and it awakens the Dental Nurse in me, yes that's my day time job. Juicing is really bad for your teeth and this is due to the presence of Fructose in just about every fruit out there. The high acid content causes the enamel on your teeth to soften and erode and this often leads to the formation of cavities and tooth decay. Top tip: use a straw to drink your green juices as this allows the acid to bypass your teeth. It's about creating a balance, that contact with your teeth can be detrimental. 

Friday, 24 March 2017

*FeD Cardiff Chef Special

How many times do you come across a buffet restaurant that serves beautifully cooked, fresh food from around the world that is made to order & is served at an exceptional temperature? Not very often. Having a fussy palette doesn't help either. There is nothing more disheartening than having very little choice when it comes to a buffet. So why not get FeD? FeD is buffet restaurant located in the centre of Cardiff, one with a twist, its one where you have a choice. It's definitely not your typical buffet restaurant, its so much more. With its beautiful modern interior decor, friendly staff, comfortable seats, generous portions and live cooking stations; FeD is sure to offer you a buffet experience like no other.

On Wednesday evening, I headed down to FeD for their Chef Special Bloggers event. Other bloggers and myself had the chance to try dishes from their new menu with endless amounts of cocktails which was great. You'll be glad to know that their Chef special officially launched yesterday so head on down and give it a try. Don't forget to tweet them your favourite!

Pick your food, whether its steak, noodles or pasta and their chefs will make it just how you want it. Their made to order food is succulent and flavourful, I was torn between the Pork Shogayaki (below) and Crispy Fried Vegetable Dumplings (above). Those two dishes are the best in my eyes, my taste buds agree and I thoroughly enjoyed. My mouth is watering just thinking about it, take me back. As well as the Chef special, there is nothing stopping you from checking out all their other buffet dishes that are readily available. If you still have space in your tummy and feel you can tackle a bit more; why wouldn't you?

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins (no added sugar)

When you think muffins; you instantly think calories right? However, if you're a big muffin lover like me, you'll find a way to make those delicious balls of goodness just that little bit healthier. Home-baking is a great way to do this, you have control of what goes into your mix and of course total power over the flavour. This morning I baked a lovely batch of healthy Banana chocolate chip muffins for breakfast. They are under 250 calories and have no added sugar which will make your teeth very happy. I can safely say that these are my favourite muffins to date; they are moist and make a delicious breakfast or snack.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Lemon & Lime Loaf

There's something about citrus fruits I can't resist, maybe its simply that delightful tangy taste they offer. Have you ever wondered why limes and lemons are sour? I sure have and as you'd expect I've been doing some digging. It's because like the name suggests, they contain high concentrations of citric acid, duh. However, my investigations never end there as I tend to get a bit carried away delving into the effects of citric acid in the body. Now from a dental nurse point of view, I'd say have mercy on your enamel (high intake of acids causes enamel erosion) but hey its been a long week. Oh, I've realised it's only Tuesday, any excuse to make cake ay?! I would've gone all out by chucking some icing on that too but unfortunately, I've never really been a fan of icing. I feel like it disguises the true flavour of an already delicious loaf. This lemon and lime loaf is refreshing and is sure to get you taste buds tingling.

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