Reasons why you should be eating Brussels Sprouts

They've recently filled store shelves faster than you can say ouch, they are Brussels Sprouts. I never used to like Brussels sprouts when I was younger, in fact I hated them and went through so much effort to hide them under the table at dinner time. Alas, those days are gone as I practically live on vegetables. Brussels don't exactly have the greatest reputation but they are quite popular during the festive season, even though they really should be part of your regular meals if you want the full health benefits. These little balls of goodness are an excellent source of Vitamin E and Vitamin K and are surprisingly high in Protein.
When combined with whole grains, brussel sprouts make a complete protein, now that's my favourite part. Being part of the cruciferous vegetable family which also includes kale, cabbage, broccoli etc, brussel sprouts supply you with lots of nutrients and a very small amount of calories.This group of vegetables also offers antioxidants that help promote good health. So, you might want to consider including brussel sprouts in your meals more often.

Nokhuthula xo
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