Film review: The Edge of Seventeen

The edge of seventeen has gone down as one of my favourite movies of all time. This hilarious classic teen movie that explores some of the issues teenagers face everyday, from puberty to sex, is definitely worth a watch. This movie is a lot like the Breakfast club, one that's about an awkward high school student, Nadine (Hailee Steinfield) who's attracted to the school 'hottie' named Nick. She has one friend, Krista (Haley Lu Richardson) who's smart, generous and clearly a lot more calmer than she is and they've been friends since elementary school. Nadine's attitude is awful, she's angry because her father passed away when she was an adolescent and a lot of misunderstandings await her everyday. 

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She goes through changes like any other teenager, only she didn't approve of how her appearance transitioned through the years. She got through it and blossomed into a beautiful and unstable young lady.

Nadine's best friend Krista and her brother fall in love and this infuriates Nadine. She ends their friendship finding herself all alone in the world. She confides in her school teacher, he doesn't seem to care and is rather ignorant.

Erwin on the other hand, is a great guy who develops a crush on Nadine. She toys with his affection further when she invites herself to his house for a swim. Erwin feels like the luckiest guy on the planet, she's in her bathing suit for goodness sake. Nadine goes on to sate that they should have sex, only to go on and laugh it off.  I won't go any further otherwise there'll be nothing left for you to watch.

The actors and actresses are great and bring a fresh take to this genre, one that's usually rather predictable. It speaks to the current generation of teenagers, it will also make you remember your teenage years. The edge of seventeen even managed to make my boyfriend laugh and he's a tough nut to crack.

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