Quick and Easy lunch: Egg Salad

A salad can be your very worst enemy or  it can be your best-friend, I'm stuck right in the middle. My mother introduced me to salads when I was about 8 but back then I wasn't really fussed. Unfortunately with age comes fussy and complicated taste buds, now I'm all about creating a great tasting salad whatever the occasion. Today's lunch is made up of protein packed eggs and some leafy greens. These leafy greens are low in calories but rich in fiber which is awfully good for your digestive system.

Curried Fried Rice *Vegetarian friendly*

Are you in search of a flavourful side dish that takes just a few minutes to prepare or maybe you're just not sure what to do with all that plain rice you have left in the fridge? Here's an idea, rustle up some curried fried rice. Rice is a great staple food, you could eat everyday if you wanted to and nobody would complain, at least I know I wouldn't. It's versatility allows you to create various dishes in a matter of minutes, alas those days spent meal planning are nothing but a distant memory. This recipe is so simple and this dish smells really good too. That's one way to boost your appetite. 

Mushroom Stir fry

This little number is one that takes less than 15 minutes to prepare but tastes like a million dollars. Its quick and easy to make but most importantly, healthy. I've had a few emails requesting that I do more recipes suitable for vegetarians so here it is. There no way I can ever make mushrooms exciting but I promise you, this is one recipe that is definitely worth trying. 


With time and new life experiences, directions change and new, maybe hidden interests blossom. Changing my blog's name has not been an easy decision. It was actually my blog's 4 year anniversary this month and I'm still amazed by how much its grown, what I've been able to experience and the new friends I've made along the way. There are readers that have grown with me and watched this blog transition into what it is today, for that I am grateful. I had always put a lot of time and effort into CrystalCosmicChic, all the posts I’d written for other blogs linked back there, all the magazine and online features linked back there but I have always felt that the name reflected very little about who I am and what the blog is really about. CrystalCosmicChic was well established and had a great standing in the online community but unfortunately the name just doesn't fit my post topics anymore. My three little monsters are sticking around as they represent every single person that has ever felt like they were different; think of them as a celebration of individuality.

Vanilla Crepes

Spicy Chicken Curry

Oh my goodness it is cold! I hate to admit it but coping with the cold is proving to be quite the challenge & we are not even in Winter yet. The struggle is real! I thought I'd cook up something that was sure to warm me up pretty quickly; a dish that's flavourful and authentic. It's time to indulge in satisfying soups and curries, have I got you in the mood for a little spice yet? Spicy foods used to make up most of my meals but unfortunately I've had to cut down on the spice due to my Irritable bowel syndrome, gutted indeed. I think we can all agree that curry is one of the greats, the chicken is tender and juicy leaving the kitchen smelling divine.

Good morning call

No matter how much you claim to love what you do, there is nothing quite like the feeling you get from sleeping in. You get time to treat yourself, reflect on the past week and time to indulge. But the best part for me has to be Brunch and today I've thrown together a delicious & nutritious sandwich that is sure to keep me going until my next meal. Oh, did I mention that I plan on sashaying around in a crisp white shirt, my favourite jeans and sneakers all day. The glorious comforts that a Friday off brings, absolute bliss.

Spaghetti Bolognese

No matter how simple the ingredients you use are, a great bolognese sauce that is cooked right always taste great. This is one of the easiest and cheapest meals to make and it tastes wonderful; so comforting. That's to be expected because Carbohydrates make tryptophan more available to the brain.This classic dish is ready in less than an hour and makes a lovely comfort meal. 

Sticky Sweet and Spicy Pork Leg Joint!

Someone needs to hold me back; it seems I'm spending most of my free time in the kitchen trying out and tweaking different recipes. Still, there is nothing quite like a nice movie night in filled with laughter and of course this delicious slow roasted sticky sweet and spicy pork leg joint. I decided to marinate the leg joint in an Asian inspired homemade sweet and spicy marinade; it's all about finding that perfect balance.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

The oldest comfort food in the book; who doesn't love a good batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies. I admit it; these are my guilty pleasure. They require very few ingredients, very little attention (you could make these with your eyes closed) and the method won't take up much of your time. Now that's what I call a win win situation. They're big, they're fat, they're chewy, they will become your new favourite thing.

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