Cooking for the In-laws: Survival Tips

I've met my boyfriend's parents numerous times; dinner, bowling, shopping, travelling; you name it, we've done it. We have such a great relationship and I feel so lucky because of that. I recently accompanied his mum to B&Q and IKEA. She was shopping for a brand new kitchen  and wanted my input. We ended up choosing a black and white themed 'Island' in Ikea and I'm actually excited to see the end result once it's been fitted over the next few weeks. Even though we get along on so many levels; cooking for the in-laws still gives me butterflies. The most important thing to remember here is always stick to what you know and don't focus sorely on impressing them.
Chicken just so happens to be one of my specialties and so that was my number one choice. You can never go wrong with a roasted whole chicken casserole, fried potatoes and a chilli stew on the side.

Here's a few tips that will get you through your first night cooking for your in-laws:

  • Stay calm. You don't want to pass out before you've even begun cooking.
  • Make sure you have all the ingredients you need. There's nothing worse than realising a main ingredient is missing whilst you're in the middle of cooking. 
  • Ensure that you taste your food, flavour definitely matters.
  • Wash up after cooking, mess is unappealing. 
  • Presentation is everything, make sure you serve your food in a manner that's attractive. After all, humans eat with their eyes. 
Good luck!
Nokhuthula xo
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