Casual Vibes

One wouldn't expect to catch me in such an ensemble, why? Merely because it's way too simple when compared to my other ensembles; surprisingly this just so happens to be one of my favourite looks of all time. Keep your pants on, I haven't completely lost my mind just yet. It seems the older I get, the more I warm up to minimalist outfits but that does not mean I finally agree with the infamous saying "Less is more". Bright colours rule my wardrobe so it was only inevitable that I would come at you in this colour-tastic fit.

Classic Victoria Sponge Cake topped with vanilla buttercream

This is undoubtedly the biggest cake I've made to date as it is 10 inches in size. You can only imagine how long it took me to bake and decorate this monster of a cake but the again, this is what happens when you're baking for a worthy dental team. I made this cake as a token of my appreciation, a big thank you to all the dentists and dental nurses who looked after me, supported me and contributed so much during my 2 years of training within the NHS. I gained so much knowledge and will be forever grateful! You can never go wrong with a fluffy, vanilla infused Victoria Sponge cake; it is after all perfect for afternoon tea.


It's hard to believe that 4 years ago, this was purely a fashion/personal style blog and posts like this one were a daily occurrence. As the years went by, I developed a variety of interests which is why I branched out a little. Heck, the sky is the limit! Make up, along with a whole lot of other things too seem to have gone out the window. Anyway,  I'm not quite ready to let go of summer yet so today I come at you in this effortless ensemble; a testament to the best trend that ever walked the runways. Yes, I am talking about frills and I just cannot get enough.

30 minute bread Rolls

I woke up this morning craving freshly baked bread rolls and so I took it upon myself to bake up a few for breakfast. GBBO, eat your heart out! There is nothing better than the smell of freshly baked bread filling the house, the best part is it's almost like a distant memory for me. Ever since I was little, I've been exposed to a lot home baking and I've always had homemade bread and cakes thanks to my mother and grandmother. I came across this recipe online and decided to try it. The best thing about this recipe is that these bread rolls do not require hours to prepare, just 30 minutes, the ingredients required do not break the bank and it makes a good portion enough to feed the whole family.

Camel for days

Yes, the camel coat is out and rearing to go! It's cold and grey which is definitely no ideal, welcome to winter! I've been really busy the past couple of days so you can only imagine how tired I am. I most definitely deserve a chilled out weekend and we are half way there.

Unwrapped beef Burritos

Equipped with seeded tortillas, a diverse amount of fillings and some of my favourite sauces; there could only be one thing on my mind. After craving burritos the past couple of days, it was only inevitable that I'd end my Sunday with so much goodness on one plate. I've had the longest week ever, exhausted doesn't even begin to describe how I feel. The burrito making process was rather therapeutic whilst the taste was just delightful. Why unwrapped you say? Because I always seem to add such a huge variety of fillings (if I like it, I'll add it in regardless of the norm) which then makes it practically impossible to wrap them up nicely. What does it matter, they are going in my tummy either way! When you're not up for cooking a full blown meal, this my friends is such a great solution; quick, easy and really tasty.

Colour Twist

Trainers have become my best friends lately; the comfort they provide is undeniable! Roshe Runs have always played a huge part in my daily outfits; I'd rather not be uncomfortable. I've had this gorgeous print skirt for nearly a year now and it is only just making its grand debut. Teaming it up with a basic white shirt and trainers, its all about being laid back. The leather jacket adds just the right amount of edge. Oh yes, you read my mind, a long thick coat is going on too.

Wholemeal Chicken and Vegetable Tortilla Wraps

I've never been one to take have a cold lunch but this chicken and vegetable wrap is a definite winner in my book! This is an easy sandwich to take just about anywhere and it's easy and quick to put together too. If you're after a relaxed meal, this is the solution; of course it always helps to use whole wheat tortilla bread. The whole wheat tortillas I used to make these delicious sandwiches are homemade; I'll write up the recipe soon.  
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