Pearl of the Orient Restaurant and bar, Cardiff Bay

Do you love Chinese food? I know I do which is why I'm forever, helplessly exploring Asian cuisine and what a lovely welcome we had at this restaurant. With their extensive menus that feature some truly mouthwatering meals; I was sold at the very first bite. I spend a lot of time in Cardiff Bay and so it baffles me that I had never paid a visit to Pearl of the Orient Restaurant and Bar; how did I miss it?! Might have to pay my Optician a visit; maybe it's time for yet another check up. Having finally been to this beautiful restaurant, I'm here to give a verdict on my overall experience. This restaurant is located in an ideal spot that's calm and relaxing, has very nice decor and as for the food; I can assure you that it is cooked to perfection.

My boyfriend, his mum and I loved the food here, well worth a visit. I always start my meals with Green tea and I've noticed that this is now a habit I can't break. Green tea is green tea; what else can I say about it? My boyfriend had tonic water topped off with a lemon.

I'm obsessed with Vegetable spring rolls and so we ordered a few as a starter and they were delightful. So much flavour and just the right texture. His mum ordered her favourite noodles with lots of prawns; I'm not a fan of prawns but she seemed to enjoy her meal. My boyfriend ordered scallops and battered crab served with a side of vegetables and Jasmine boiled rice; yes his family is really into seafood!
As for me, well this girl loves meat and my eye went straight to steak. I had pan fried rump steak in chilli black bean sauce and Jasmine boiled rice, mhmmm! Take me back!! Absolutely delicious. No restaurant visit is complete without dim sum; it was only inevitable that we would end up having a few plus Chinese steamed buns. Seriously, I have never tasted buns this good, sweet and white on the outside with a savoury filling on the inside. So unconventional but my god so tasty.
Would I go back again, yes! You have to try their food for yourself, enjoy.

Where is it?

Cardiff Bay, Stuart Street 
First Floor 
Mermaid Quay 
 CF10 5BZ

Nokhuthula xo 
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