My 25th Birthday part 2: Miller and Carter, The Hayes Cardiff

Steak cooked to perfection, vibrant atmosphere and gorgeous surroundings; it can only be Miller and Carter. I think steak makes up most of my diet, I eat it more than I do chocolate. My days of being chocolate crazy ended when I started working in Dentistry 2 years ago, sometimes knowing too much is a bad thing. To finish off my 25th birthday celebrations, my boyfriend took me out to one of my favourite restaurants; Miller and Carter. He actually wanted us to go away but I was in working that entire week so unfortunately our mini trip has been postponed to our anniversary this September. Super duper excited! Anyway, the will to dress up was there I promise but the long day I had in work left me completely drained so I chose to be comfortable. Donning a cute front buttoned skirt, turtleneck long sleeved top to fight that cold evening air and knee high boots; it's simplicity at it's best. I currently have a slight obsession with turtlenecks, any excuse to get my wardrobe fall ready.

Because I don't drink alcohol, it's always hard for me to choose what to drink when celebrating different occasions. I made an exception this time as it was my birthday, I had a strawberry summer sling which was absolutely delightful. Of course, T-bone steak was the order of the night, medium rare with sweet potato fries. Music to my ears! The reason why Miller and Carter is one of my favourite restaurants is because of how well cooked their food is; so much flavour. Their staff is very friendly and efficient, always ready to help any way they can.

I've had a great 25th birthday; thank you for all the birthday wishes!
Nokhuthula xo 

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