My 25th birthday Part 1: Pettigrew Tea rooms

It's official, I'm finally 25 and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it as I do still feel like a big kid. Animation movies still rock my world, I'm easily pleased and I see the world as my giant playground. It doesn't help that I only stand at 5ft 1; I look like a child but I'm not complaining because when I hit 40, I'll be looking 10 years younger. My only comfort was waking up to breakfast in best and a beautiful bunch of roses from the Mr.

This year, I decided to do something quite low key for my birthday, something that would please me greatly and involved one of my most favourite things in the world.. T E A. Having heard and read so much about Pettigrew tea rooms and their amazing reputation, it was only inevitable that I would end booking a table for 9. It did end up raining and so I think afternoon tea was the perfect way to spend my day. Because my actual birthday fell on a Tuesday this year, I celebrated on the Sunday then my boyfriend took me out for a lovely meal on Tuesday evening. However, that's a separate post to follow. If I tried to fit it all into one, you'd be here all day. Part 2, ahoy!

One of the best things about Pettigrew tea rooms is that they offer gluten free breads, cakes and even scones. That was great news for me as it would've been such a disappointment if they didn't. I had my very own gluten free stack made up for me and I must say, their gluten free bread is the best I've tasted so far. The scones and cream of course made our day, they were nice, fluffy and not too crumbly. There is nothing worse than a scone that just crumbles away in your hands before it even reaches your mouth. 

 Because I wanted to do something really simple this year, this suited me well. Next year however is a completely different story.

Nokhuthula xo
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