My 25th Birthday part 2: Miller and Carter, The Hayes Cardiff

Steak cooked to perfection, vibrant atmosphere and gorgeous surroundings; it can only be Miller and Carter. I think steak makes up most of my diet, I eat it more than I do chocolate. My days of being chocolate crazy ended when I started working in Dentistry 2 years ago, sometimes knowing too much is a bad thing. To finish off my 25th birthday celebrations, my boyfriend took me out to one of my favourite restaurants; Miller and Carter. He actually wanted us to go away but I was in working that entire week so unfortunately our mini trip has been postponed to our anniversary this September. Super duper excited! Anyway, the will to dress up was there I promise but the long day I had in work left me completely drained so I chose to be comfortable. Donning a cute front buttoned skirt, turtleneck long sleeved top to fight that cold evening air and knee high boots; it's simplicity at it's best. I currently have a slight obsession with turtlenecks, any excuse to get my wardrobe fall ready.

My 25th birthday Part 1: Pettigrew Tea rooms

It's official, I'm finally 25 and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it as I do still feel like a big kid. Animation movies still rock my world, I'm easily pleased and I see the world as my giant playground. It doesn't help that I only stand at 5ft 1; I look like a child but I'm not complaining because when I hit 40, I'll be looking 10 years younger. My only comfort was waking up to breakfast in best and a beautiful bunch of roses from the Mr.

This year, I decided to do something quite low key for my birthday, something that would please me greatly and involved one of my most favourite things in the world.. T E A. Having heard and read so much about Pettigrew tea rooms and their amazing reputation, it was only inevitable that I would end booking a table for 9. It did end up raining and so I think afternoon tea was the perfect way to spend my day. Because my actual birthday fell on a Tuesday this year, I celebrated on the Sunday then my boyfriend took me out for a lovely meal on Tuesday evening. However, that's a separate post to follow. If I tried to fit it all into one, you'd be here all day. Part 2, ahoy!

Cappucino Cake

If a treat is what you're looking for; this is the cake for you. A classic Cappucino cake goes down well at breakfast or with afternoon tea; it's rich coffee flavour will surely hit the spot. The whole point of baking is to have fun with it which is why I tend to tweak recipes a lot; I subtract what I don't like and add in what I do like. After all, we have an imagination that is just waiting to be used so why not experiment a little.

Afternoon Tea at Barker Tea House, Cardiff

It's been a while since my boyfriend and I have really spent some time together, yes we see each other but I just really hanging out and doing all the stupid little things lovers do. Today was that day, first stop was Barker Tea house for some much needed brunch. What a good decision that was, a great place for a casual date. With its inspiring interiors; uber comfy chairs, cosy/relaxed atmosphere and vintage touches, this is one place that should be on your 'to do' list. Yes, I was astounded by the size of their sandwiches; probably one of the biggest I've ever seen. That however does not change the fact that it was absolutely delicious; only managed to chow down a quarter being a small person and all which is where my boyfriend comes in. Barker tea house also caters for gluten free which is great, I find it hard to eat out these days because of that. They offer a brilliant selection of eats and there's an awful lot of loose leaf tea here. Tea lovers ahoy!

Vanilla Madeira Cake

I really enjoy baking but this time it felt extra special because I was chosen to make the birthday cake for one lovely lady's other half. Knowing that my homemade cakes make people smile is enough to keep me going when I'm nearly giving up after 2 hours of decorating. Anyway, she requested a Vanilla Madeira Cake with blue icing because her boyfriend's favourite colour is blue. It took me just under 3 hours to start and finish the cake, this is what happens when you're a bit of a perfectionist. I dropped it off at her house right on time and was pleased to receive a lovely message a few hours later stating that her other half loved the cake. If that doesn't make your heart melt, I don't know what will.

Gluten Free French Toast

So as to try and manage my IBS, I've been on a Gluten free diet since May with the occasional day off every few weeks. A Gluten free diet is not easy to follow simply because I'm not accustomed to it but the 'day off' breaks it up quite nicely. The past few months have been a challenge but they've also enabled me to figure out what my pain triggers are. However, I just have to point out that store bought Gluten free bread tastes like paper, I absolutely hate it and I'm just not coping very well with it. I've tried every brand out there but nothing has satisfied my taste buds. This creates a huge problem for me because bread is one of those simple things I thoroughly enjoy which is why I resorted to baking my own Gluten free bread the past few weeks. Unfortunately I don't have time to bake everyday and so this morning I was left battling it out with a Newburn Bakehouse White Sourdough Artisan Cob loaf. After stirring at it for a while, I decided to make French toast in the hopes that the seasoned eggs would completely smother the bread's taste. Having whisked together eggs, cinnamon, milk and vanilla, I created the most flavourful french toast; crispy on the outside, nice and chewy on the inside. 

Chanel N° 5 Eau De Parfum Review

Most days there's just nothing I want to wear more! It's so classic and rosy that when opened, one can never mistake it for anything but Chanel N° 5. That warm, soapy aldehydic-floral scent it gives off is pure perfection.. Oh my goodness! The smell is so familiar, almost like a childhood memory. It's all about how it makes you feel; it's like you're wrapped in a soft blanket, pure confidence, just downright gorgeous. I truly appreciate the scent the older I get, so sensual. Every woman should have it.

This week's Oats Breakfast Bowls

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day right? Indeed it is, this is the one meal that sets you up for the day ahead; the one that perks you up a little; the one that gives you the energy boost you need, keeping you active and productive until lunchtime. Now I understand that not all of us have time to have breakfast every morning due to having such busy lives but it's important to try and avoid skipping breakfast. Most of my mornings usually consist of oats breakfast bowls. I've got the 2 minute microwaveable Oats sachets purchased from Costco and each box contains 60 sachets. They are quick/easy to prepare (less than 5 minutes including fruit preparation), and super nutritious. These will keep you upbeat and attentive until lunchtime, say goodbye to unhealthy snacking.

Pearl of the Orient Restaurant and bar, Cardiff Bay

Do you love Chinese food? I know I do which is why I'm forever, helplessly exploring Asian cuisine and what a lovely welcome we had at this restaurant. With their extensive menus that feature some truly mouthwatering meals; I was sold at the very first bite. I spend a lot of time in Cardiff Bay and so it baffles me that I had never paid a visit to Pearl of the Orient Restaurant and Bar; how did I miss it?! Might have to pay my Optician a visit; maybe it's time for yet another check up. Having finally been to this beautiful restaurant, I'm here to give a verdict on my overall experience. This restaurant is located in an ideal spot that's calm and relaxing, has very nice decor and as for the food; I can assure you that it is cooked to perfection.
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