Sorrento's Burger and Shake, Cardiff

Sorrento's I'll be back! Ahhh, you've never seen a burger as C O O L as this, one that tastes just as good as it looks! Did I mention that this 8oz Jurassic Prime Burger is enough for two? Don't judge me, I'm a small person who can only take in so much. Yesterday, my friend Erica and I made a quick trip to Sorrento's for a catch up and obviously to give this skyscraper burger a try. This family run business has fast become my favourite place to eat, better yet chill. The service is outstanding; burgers, simply stunning. Collin, the chef and owner of the restaurant and his son are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. I love that they take the time to chat with their customers; offering them a great experience and more than willing to adjust the food to your liking. As for their Caramel Brulee, so smooth, so creamy, absolutely delicious. The best I've tasted to date! I know you're dying to know more, read on..

The patties are so juicy, the flavour is unmistakeable. After all, they are 80% beef and 20% fat; now that's what makes a great tasting burger. You'll be glad to know that Collin has started making 'How to' videos so you can make dishes just as good from your own kitchen. Take a look at this video, a breakfast fit for champions:

If you do have any questions; why not pop into Sorrentos for a delightful cup of coffee and a quick chat with the man himself.

 Is this the best burger joint in Cardiff? Yes, yes, yes!!
Go in once and try their burgers of even coffee; I promise you'll be going back for more.
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Enjoy your week!
Nokhuthula xo
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