Eating healthy doesn't have to be expensive!

I absolutely love salads which is probably why my fridge is full of vegetables and fruits. Spring/summer is the perfect time to consume as much salad as you want; not only are they nutritious, they taste pretty great too! It's one of the simplest healthy eating habits you can have, super easy to throw one together and they are actually super convenient. I thought I'd write up a quick post on just how inexpensive eating healthy can be since salad is on the menu for today's lunch.
It doesn't take much to make a salad and it doesn't have to cost much either. Let me break it down for you; a kilogram of carrots will cost you just 58p, a cucumber priced at just 45p, O'so sweet lettuce priced at £1 and a pack fresh cherry tomatoes for 91p. That's a total of £2.94 for your basic salad ingredients and these will last you up to three days. I tend to add it peppers with either ham, eggs (18 pack for a £1.43, great value for money) or chicken breast. Now we all know that chicken breast is quite pricey which is why I tend to purchase it every now and again. On the contrary, one pack tends to make 4 servings of salad which in reality is not bad.
Anyway my point is, eating healthy doesn't have to be expensive, it can be affordable.
Happy Salad Making!
Nokhuthula xo  
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