Dinner for two: Lobster!

No, this isn't Burger and Lobster; just my very own kitchen and a meal that took me less than an hour and a half to prepare. The funny thing is my boyfriend and I actually have a dinner booking this weekend at Burger and Lobster; might as well do a restaurant/food review after our visit whilst I'm at it. Anyway, I've always thought that Lobster was overrated and overpriced; now I say it's not when you make it yourself at home. He rocked up to my house yesterday with this badboy and it was pre-cooked/frozen so after a long day defrosting, I cooked up a meal for us. The main attraction being his most favourite thing in the world.. Lobster! Here's a quick recipe on how to prepare and cook your pre-cooked Lobster.

TOP TIP: It's very easy to overcook lobster so be careful how long you steam it for.

What you need:

  • Pre-cooked Frozen Lobster
  • A steamer
  1. Defrost Lobster overnight before recooking it.
  2. In a large pot, bring 1 inch of water to boil and stir in the salt. Bring water to boil over high heat.
  3. Place your steamer into the pot (I have a bamboo steamer).
  4. Add lobster into steamer and cover with a tight lid. Reduce heat and cook on gentle heat until lobster has turned bright red. 
  5. That should take approximately 15 minutes. You can check if lobster is done by pulling out an antenna. If it comes out easily, your lobster is ready.
  6. Remove lobster from steamer and leave to cool.
  7. Now use your hands to twist and separate the tail from the body then remove claws too. 
  8. You can see where I'm going with this. Enjoy!

Bon Appetit!
Nokhuthula xo

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