A berry good Oats breakfast!

It seems over the past few months, I've warmed up to Oatmeal significantly and we have become bestfriends. They are a source of fiber so when you eat oats for breakfast, you feel full for a long time which means you won't feel the need to consume unhealthy snacks before lunch. Oatmeal also helps lower your cholestrol and of course, is versatile as you can switch up your toppings everyday or use them to make delicious smoothies. It's hard to imagine not having this bowl of goodness for breakfast every morning. Talk about a wholegrain powerhouse!
Because Oats are a good sources of soluble fiber, they have been linked to good heart health. They contain calcium and potassium which can help reduce your blood pressure. So if Oats aren't already part of your diet; I suggest you head out and purchase a box.

Good morning!
Nokhuthula xo

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