#LittleKitchen Campaign with Wren Kitchens: Homemade Sausage and Pepper Pizza!

Getting the little ones in the family to eat their 5-a-day can sometimes prove quite a challenge which is why Wren Kitchens is running an exciting new campaign that focuses on getting children more involved with food preparation. I think it's such a great idea and I'm so proud to be apart of it! Vegetables are definitely not a child's best-friend, I've always wondered why they dislike them so I took it upon myself to do some investigating. I questioned my little brother and a few of his little friends to get a much needed answer. Yes, you guessed right, 'Vegetables are tasteless, just horrible!' That's the answer I got from every single one of them and it's about time that changed. 
We need to start encouraging the little ones to eat their 5-a-day, getting them involved in the preparation and even throwing in a few superhero swaps. Have you ever considered swapping ingredients in a popular kid’s meal like PIZZA with a healthy alternative? Well that's exactly what I've done. I've managed to make Pizza just that little bit healthier; incorporating in vegetables, a homemade sauce and other ingredients. I substituted white bread flour with Wholemeal Bread Flour as it is the healthier option. Wheat grains crushed into a fine powder, in this case the flour contributes to your grain intake for the day, helping you reach the six 1/2-cup servings of grains. Now if that's not something to smile about, I don't know what is. Here's how you can make these delicious yet nutritious sausage pizzas; why not make them with your children, have some fun in the kitchen.

Get dinner ready in just 30 minutes!

Surely I can't be the only one who absolutely adores Steak? Don't you even try to deny it. I'm more of a Rump steak kind of girl which is why I've turned good ol' plain Saturdays into #SteakSaturdays! That's right, instead of spending a fair amount of money by heading out to a lavish restaurant; I'd much rather head out to the supermarket and purchase all the ingredients I need to cook up a delightful Steak dinner. A fresh, quick homemade side salad is not a bad idea either; you will never need a recipe for a salad.

Steak Saturdays!

Rump Steak is tough and chewy! Are you kidding me, it is absolutely fantastic when it's cooked right. Number one rule; DON'T OVERCOOK IT! I love love love Rump Steak and so every Saturday, my boyfriend pops over with a few packs that I obviously prepare for dinner. What day is it today, Saturday which means Steak dinner and I cooked it up real good! My seasoning is rather generous when it comes to steak but the main foundations are garlic, salt and pepper; what could possibly go wrong after that.

A berry good Oats breakfast!

It seems over the past few months, I've warmed up to Oatmeal significantly and we have become bestfriends. They are a source of fiber so when you eat oats for breakfast, you feel full for a long time which means you won't feel the need to consume unhealthy snacks before lunch. Oatmeal also helps lower your cholestrol and of course, is versatile as you can switch up your toppings everyday or use them to make delicious smoothies. It's hard to imagine not having this bowl of goodness for breakfast every morning. Talk about a wholegrain powerhouse!

Wheat Bread

There is nothing quite like warm, freshly baked bread! My grandmother and of course my mother used to make their own bread from scratch. Being exposed to baking at such an early age made me want to do exactly the same. I remember watching them bake and thinking to myself, 'this is the coolest thing ever.' I still do. It is definitely bread making season and I'm not about to give it a miss. Yesterday I made my very first attempt at making Wheat Bread for breakfast; it turned out great! I was quite pleased with the texture, colour and not forgetting taste. Here is how you can make yours..

Valentine's Day Breakfast Crepes!

Happy Valentine's Day from our hearts to yours! Our Valentine's weekend started on Friday, my boyfriend turned up at my house around 10pm with the most beautiful bouquet of roses that I've ever seen and the first thing he said was, 'This is just the beginning.' I'm not fussy nor am I big on being romantic but this was such a wonderful gesture that made my heart melt. He loves me, its obvious and I feel so lucky to have someone who is as crazy about me as I am about them so today we will celebrate. This morning, I've cooked up these appetizing Crepes for him to have for breakfast, of course I had some too. One word, delectable! 

Easy Chocolate Cupcakes!

It's Valentines day tomorrow and all I've been seeing all day on Instagram is 'love' themed cookies, biscuits, cakes and cupcakes. If I had the time today, I would have joined in and decorated these beauties so they fit into the love theme but they were for a baby girl's birthday party so that's definitely out of the question. As you're probably aware, I tend to supplement a lot of the ingredients in my cakes for healthy ingredients but not today. It's a birthday party; let's go wild! Here's how you can make these delightful little numbers.

HAPPY PANCAKE DAY: Strawberry Vanilla Pancakes

Happy Pancake Day! I love pancakes and today was the perfect excuse for me to have a cheat day. Woohoo! So, my boyfriend and I have only gone and cooked up some delicious strawberry vanilla pancakes. Well, it was mostly me teaching him how to make them. Why strawberry flavour you ask? Strawberries are my boyfriend's favourite fruit (believe it or not, it was actually his first word) and so I thought it would make him smile. Good news, these beauties made him smile.. a lot, they were super tasty too which was a bonus! Here's how you can make these mouth-watering strawberry vanilla pancakes, it's easy.

Homemade Chinese Steamed Beef Dumplings!

As I've stated way too many times I'm an huge fan of Asian food, particularly Korean and Chinese food! This is the main reason behind my never ending experiments in the kitchen; I would rather not buy when I know I can learn to make that dish myself at home. It's not only cheaper to home cook but it's healthier as you can monitor what goes into your food. My latest venture has been Chinese steamed dumplings; ever since I tasted one a while back and absolutely loved it, I've been reading up on how to make them myself. First attempt and my god, I've got it. It's easier to pop to the supermarket to buy Wonton wrappers but I wanted to go through the whole process which is why I mixed my very own dough too. These medium thick wrappers definitely taste 10 times better than store bought ones. Here's how I made my very first batch Chinese dumplings!

Go too far!

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