This 'Selfie' beanie is definitely cringe-worthy; but it's one that has managed to secure a very special place in my heart. Ah yes, the beauty of exaggeration; something I seem to do a lot more than I tweet. It's just one of those uncanny things that keeps life interesting! Today, I come at you in this rather bright, grungy mash up. Rainy days always fall victim to my fondness for eccentric prints; a great excuse to brighten up these dreary days.  
New Look SELFIE Beanie / TK Maxx LYDC Satchel / H&M Dress / H&M Shirt / New Look Socks / Stylistpick Chez-Black Lace Up Ankle Boots.

After two years of rest at the back of my closet, I've dug out one of my favourite dresses of all time; I'm clearly obsessed with it. Nobody does prints quite like H&M and this dress is my proof; the colours and the tribal print complement each other so well. For that quirky effect, I'm wearing a shirt underneath the dress, finishing off my look with knee high socks and ankle boots. Ankle boots are my number one obvious choice on rainy days; they keep your feet warm and dry plus can be styled up in various ways. What's not to love?

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