Merry Christmas!

Yesterday was a very long day for me since I had the honours of making Christmas dinner this year; desert baking included. I made a variety of things including whole chicken (we don't like turkey), chicken wings, roasted pork chops, rice, roasted potatoes, brussel sprouts, vegetables. Not to mention that I also made/baked all the deserts; Strawberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Fudge Cake and Chocolate Eclairs. Still, I'm not complaining, actually really enjoyed cooking for my family and friends even though I am absolutely exhausted. I'll be writing up all my christmas food and desert recipes over the next few days so you guys can also give them a try. Nothing will be happening with me the next two days; I plan on lazing around the house catching up on my favourite shows and reading up on new recipes to trial and tweak. As for next year's christmas, I have very different plans but you're just going to have to wait and see.

Wrapping presents was definitely not my favourite part but as with everything, it is an art so if you're going to do it; do it well. I went for simple wrapping and of course brown paper which is definitely a favourite of mine. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!

Nokhuthula xo
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