Halloween: Little Tigress!

I've definitely had my fair share of Halloween Parties the past few years but honestly, I just don't learn. Every year, costume preparation is a last minute thing which isn't exactly great but I don't see it as a bad thing either. It's a challenge, a chance to get even more creative than usual and so last night, I turned into a little Tigress! And yes, I did the face painting myself in less than half an hour. What woman doesn't love a good dress up..

I went out with my housemates (Gabby and Ruby) which is always a pleasure, surprised I'm not sick of having them around yet. That was a joke! We met up with some other people and ended up in town which was absolutely packed. We stuck around for about two hours and of course had a little dance. You'll be surprised to hear that we were back and in bed by 1am.
Proof that we are getting too old for this..

Hope you had an amazing Halloween!!

Nokhuthula xo

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