The Media, Blogging and Body Image!

Among the media and fashion industries; body image is a massive issue and with their exceedingly high beauty standards, its time to fight back! A couple of days ago, I came across a quote on Instagram that made me think; it touched a part in my brain that I never really go to. Admittedly, there are times when I have hated what I am, the way I look, my afro hair, the way my face looks without make up; I have scrutinised every part of me but is it really worth it?
Back in July I set myself a challenge in the hopes that it would change the way I feel about myself, what I am. It's been quite the journey, one that has taught a few lessons that I'm going to share with you.
I've always had a great  interest in fashion since I was 5 and so magazines have been a huge part of my life. Unfortunately,  reading them did not do me any good! Yes, I was inspired and filled with outfit ideas but the girls you see in magazines are pretty close to perfect which is what affected me the most I think. And then when i got into blogging, I felt like I had to be perfect to keep up; its exhausting. I had compared myself to other people for so long, I lost sight of myself.

The challenge: No make up! To be able to leave the house, go shopping, meet friends and other people makeup-less. Just go on my daily life really.

This was not as easy as it sounds; make up has always been my shield, I've hid behind it for years because I don't like the way I look without it. I did not want to be that person anymore and so I went for it. At first, I felt embarrassed to be in public bare-faced, I felt like people were stirring at me even if they weren't. However, I managed to last a whole month without it and I'm still going. I only wore make-up when taking all those outfit photos you've been seeing and then wipe it off straight after. This is because I wasn't ready to debut make-up less just yet.
All those negative thoughts are in your mind. Make them positive; there is nothing wrong with the way you look or body, your hair is just fine and you most certainly do not need make up to make you pretty because you already are. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with wearing make up, I mean I love it but I just needed to get over that hurdle where make up was no longer fun. It became a need, something I could no longer do without. So now that I'm content with what I am, I'll wear make up when I feel like wearing make up because now I'm definitely sure, I don't need it.

 "You don't have to be pretty like her. You can be pretty like you!" 
I work out a lot nowadays because it makes me feel good, a gym session can easily make my day 10 times better. Do things that make you happy, do them because you want to and you're 100% sure you're doing it for YOU not someone else.

  • Don't compare yourself to others. They are not you and doing so can sometimes bring you down.
  • Be kind. There is nothing more wonderful than making someone smile, even if it's a stranger and you'll realise just how much of a good person you are.
  • You are valid, you are worthy.
  • Don't ever feel pressured to look a certain way or to change who you are. It's not worth it.
  • You are beautiful, its true.
You deserve to be happy so why not love the skin you're in!
Nokhuthula xo
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