Strangely Forgotten!

 Amazon Newsboy Hat / New Look Top / H&M Skirt / Matalan Boots / Internacionale Bag 

In case you haven't already noticed, I LOVE HATS! Just thought I'd put that out there before we go on. Anyway, there are too many gloomy faces floating around lately; it's unhealthy. I know blogging is harder than most people think, it requires a lot of time,  hard work and dedication and honestly, finding new content to write can be extremely stressful!
But surely after years of spastically and passionately building up your image and appreciating all that social media has to offer; you'd think that we would smile a little bit more? Unfortunately this is not the case; 'moody photos' seem to be the ' I T ' thing when it comes to showcasing outfits, but I'm more of a 'smiler' most of the time so I don't see why I should be deprived of flashing my gnashes from time to time.Smile a little, I know you've got a great smile somewhere under there.
With their short brim over the forehead and flat crown; Newsboy hats are one of the quirkiest hats out there. Today's ensemble is a testament of my love for all things colourful! Don't get me wrong, black and white is great; however we all know that the world is so much better in colour.

After months of being stuck at the back of my wardrobe, this top is only just making it's grand debut. All the more reason why I should refrain from buying anymore clothes, I don't need them. This skirt has to be the cutest one I own, its polkadots and they always equal adorable.

Nokhuthula xo

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