*Upbeat Protein Drink Review!

Put down the chocolate bar and step away from those cupcakes; pick up a bottle of Upbeat  instead! A few days ago, I was contacted by Kat from Upbeat regarding their new protein drinks and if I'd be interested in a trial. Since I'm into fitness now more than ever and also because I had never heard of the company before, I was really intrigued to give them a try. Even though I workout a lot, I've never drank any whey/protein shakes. I'm extremely old fashioned and have always stuck to making my own smoothies.
Everybody needs a certain amount of protein in their diet to repair and keep our bones healthy and aid body tissue growth. If you are an unhealthy snacker; mid-morning, afternoon or evening; Upbeat drinks may just be your perfect solution and you'll be glad to know that they are not just for athletes and bodybuilders. They are for everyone! They aren't about increasing you protein intake but about making sure you get steady protein intake throughout the day.

I was sent a bag full of goodies, from the coolest memory stick ever to upbeat canvas bags and some vouchers for me to be able to grab some free Upbeat drinks.
Due to our increasingly busy lifestyles; it is not always easy to keep an eye on what we eat. Upbeat is convenient if you tend to miss breakfast or snack a lot as this could be a great substitute. A burst of energy is exactly what gets you through the day. Key information that makes Upbeat stand out from other smoothies includes:

- Each drink is under 150 calories
 - It is produced from fresh milk (not UHT) and contains freshly filtered whey, not powder
- Upbeat is low in fat

- Less than half the sugar of leading smoothies and fruit juices

- Upbeat is suitable for vegetarians and is gluten free
-Upbeat comes in four flavours (my favourite being Blueberry and Raspberry)

Upbeat drinks come in four delicious flavours; Strawberry, Blueberry and Raspberry, Mango and Passionfruit and Chocolate and Orange. These can usually be found in the dairy isle or next to sandwiches in big supermarkets like Sainsbury's(which is where I got free few), Tesco, Waitrose, Boots, The Cooperative etc; I do mean the big supermarkets. You're unlikely to find these drinks in smaller versions of these stores. They come at a reasonable price too, at £1.79/250ml bottle.

Upbeat contains fresh milk so you know that what you’re getting is definitely fresh. However I will leave you with this: these aren’t meal replacements so don't go too crazy.

Need more information; visit their website: Feeling Upbeat
Nokhuthula xo

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