Its no secret that I'm infatuated with all things quircky and far from the norm. This sense of normlessness comes into play in the way I dress; why blend in when you can be an individual? After all, you were born an individual; embrace it. Simple, straight dress to the rescue; I was too lazy to think of what to wear today and this is the end product. A dress that screams slouchy and boots that let just enough breeze in to keep me cool whilst keeping the rain out. Its a win win situation!

Ebay Fedora Hat / Select Dress / Primark Choker / Ebay China Shoes.

Sometimes you just need a dress that is easy to get into and to get out of, one that has no shape; one that is just there ready to be thrown on. This for me is that dress, its simple but convenient! Finish off with a pair of quircky sandals and you're good to go. 


It's Friday tomorrow, hang in there!
Nokhuthula xo
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