Basic Intro!

It's official, I AM BACK! So, what better way to honour the beginning of my six weeks off work than by rocking this rather minimal monochrome ensemble! Yes, you caught me; I've become very fond of black and white the past few months & now strive to live the minimalist way! Before we go any further, can I just point out my H A I R! It has grown so long thanks to endless weaving and braiding over the last three years. Cheers to a weave-free head, time to embrace my natural hair.
On the other hand, having outfit photos taken lately has become rather problematic because I moved out and left my little brother behind! We are not in the same house anymore which means I can no longer hijack his room whenever I please. Oh, t he horror! e was my little photographer; I should have just put him in my suitcase along with everything else. Luckily, I did not forget my camera so here is to using the second best thing.. my full length mirror.

H&M Top / New Look Skirt / H&M Boots / Mango Bag.

The reason why I started blogging was to inspire, I still blog to inspire! For me, it has ever been about the number of followers or the number of brands that notice my blog; it's about giving great content. I love writing which is why I've spent endless amounts of hours on this thing; still I have no complaints. I'm in it for the fashion man. This outfit is a testament of my new minimal ways, we are going back to basics. 

This detailing on this top is just beautiful don't you think. It's got that festival grunge feel to it which is what caught my eye in the first instance. We aren't exactly having much of a summer this year thanks to the constant rain and grey skies but who said that should stop you from baring some leg! Ain't nothing a good ol' pair of pointed toe boots can't fix..

Have a wonderful week!
Nokhuthula xo

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