USA Pro Workout Gear!

These photos were taken this morning right after my one of many very early morning workouts so please ignore the state of my hair. I did however manage to spare a few seconds to pop on some lipgloss; my little brother who just so happens to be my photographer wasn't very willing to shoot these. He said that it was way too early, phht man up! Anyway, I'm chucking another review your way and this one focuses on USA Pro's workout gear.
Since I've become a huge health and fitness enthusiast over the past 2 months or as my brother would like to call me, a 'health freak'; it was only inevitable that I would head out and purchase a few more workout tops and bottoms. Variety is always best and less boring of course! Uh, not really. I think it's the idea of buying things even if it means purchasing a mere workout top that's really appealing to me. Any excuse to shop right? I've always been a fan of USA Pro's workout gear especially their bottoms because they fit like a dream but more importantly; they don't move down when I'm squatting exposing my rear. That's always a winner for me. Their bottoms are lightweight and have an elasticated waistband for a relaxed and comfortable fit. They even have a pocket, a single zipped pocket to rear and printed detail to the bottom left leg which adds hint of femininity.

Their tops are constructed with a built in bra which is handy because there is nothing work than having a bra on during a workout. Those things actually hurt which is why I've reverted back to wearing lace bralets, here is to feeling 15 again. The wide shoulder straps and elasticated hem on their tops also adds to that insanely comfortable fit. How do I put this; it feels like you are wearing nothing at all! Tempting isn't it..

You can have a look at their website to see if there's anything you might like: USA Pro

Happy hunting!
Nokhuthula xo

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