Urban Jungle!

Spring is here, woo! That's a step closer to summer, undoubtedly my favourite season; the warmth from the sun and of course some time off; I'm truly exhausted, mind and body. After being in what I'd call a rather fowl mood this past week maybe because of this exhaustion, I'm back to being jolly and unfortunately talkative. You'd expect me to talk less and less as I grow older but it's actually working out the other way round. Here's a toast to being free and speaking your mind!

Select Faux Fur Coat / Select Playsuit / H&M Knee High Socks / H&M Boots.

Having being stuck in my wardrobe the past month or so; this beautiful print faux fur coat finally gets to make its grand debut. I'm not really a massive fan of 'wild' print but this coat and I were meant to; it's so captivating! Teaming it up with a floral playsuit, knee high socks to keep warm and boots; its all about character.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!
Nokhuthula xo
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