Juice Easy: Kale and Carrot Juice!

It's official; I'm no longer green juice beginner as I've been at it for a solid five weeks; honestly it does get easier! Every morning, Monday through to Saturday; I stick to a healthy routine which in all honesty has now become a lifestyle. I get up every morning, shower then get done to my morning workout, I have a glass of green juice on an empty stomach then I eat plenty of protein half an hour later; all before getting to work for 8:30am. This no longer feels like a chore; in comparison to when I started 'clean living'. In fact, I've started to quite like vegetables which used to be alien to me, some I didn't even know existed but most of all; I love cooking! Fast food exists not; it's all about living simple, raw life.


After my yoga workout this morning; I made a fresh Kale and Carrot juice and drank it straight away. It's always better to drink your juice straight away because the natural enzymes in fruits and vegetables start breaking down as soon as they are exposed to air so don't wait too long to drink up. 
So what was in my juice today?
  • A handful of Kale
  • One apple
  • Half a celery stick
  • I small tomato
  • 2 small carrots
  • Half cup of water
  • Ice cubes
Now blend it up until smooth!
I tend to add ice cubes to my juices because I like them cold. If like me, you are not a fan of Sugar you'll enjoy this juice; there's a very slight hint of sweetness from the apple which is great. Ever since I've been juicing, I've found that I'm a lot more awake in the morning.

One more thing, green juice is NOT necessarily a meal supplement. Whilst it is a great way to increase your daily vegetable servings, a lot of these juices are not sufficient enough to be considered a meal replacement. You need to eat, just think of green juice as more of a health supplement because it sure as hell is very good for you.

Happy Juicing!
Nokhuthula xo 

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