Juice Easy: Kale and Carrot Juice!

It's official; I'm no longer green juice beginner as I've been at it for a solid five weeks; honestly it does get easier! Every morning, Monday through to Saturday; I stick to a healthy routine which in all honesty has now become a lifestyle. I get up every morning, shower then get done to my morning workout, I have a glass of green juice on an empty stomach then I eat plenty of protein half an hour later; all before getting to work for 8:30am. This no longer feels like a chore; in comparison to when I started 'clean living'. In fact, I've started to quite like vegetables which used to be alien to me, some I didn't even know existed but most of all; I love cooking! Fast food exists not; it's all about living simple, raw life.


Kick start healthy habits!

If you follow me on Instagram; you may be aware of the fact that I've become a massive healthy eating enthusiast. I've completely cut out fast food, sodas, foods that are high in sugars and fat and of those beloved chocolates. I've been living like this for two weeks now and I can honestly say that I feel G O O D! Combining my now regular workouts and healthy eating, junk food is all but a long lost memory. Besides, a healthy, active body equals a healthy mind right?!

It was acceptable in the 80s!

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