New Years Eve: Beauty Covered!

Tonight is NEW YEAR'S EVE!!!! This year has flown by which really is quite scary but it's been a good year, 2014 served me well. Why do you ask? A post with all the details included will be up this afternoon so keep an out for that. Anyway, let's talk New Year's Eve Make up; my post-christmas brain is fully functional again.

NIGHT IN: If you're planning on staying in, there's only one way to jump into 2015; PFW! Pajamas Food and Wine but of course if you're feeling a bit naughty; thrown in some chocolates. Or how about putting your cooking and baking skills to the tests by trying out a few recipes; and by that I mean a few otherwise it will be Christmas all over again.

OUT YOU GO: Wild child, indeed you are! Going out with your loved ones on NYE is always a good idea, whether it be for a meal or a full on night out on the town. This is exactly what I'm dong this year and my make up will look just right thanks to Barry M, Illamasqa and Dior. I'm into the whole dark black eye look lately but tonight I'm going to try and throw in a bit of colour here and there. Here is to dancing the night away, literally..

Happy New Year!
Nokhuthula xo 

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