Bitter Sweet!

River Island Faux Fur Scarf / Ebay Choker / DIY Leather Jacket / H&M Striped Top / River Island Belt and Trousers / Zara Slip Ons.

Summer is over, but check appreciation for me is an all year round thing. Who hates winter, I do; why? Because the weather sucks and I'm currently down with a sore throat and flu. Having made a trip to the doctor's this morning; I'm feeling a bit better since the antibiotics have kicked in hence I'm able to write up a quick blog post on today's outfit. So let's start over; HIE!


Prints make up three quarters of my wardrobe and are something I'm not afraid to rock all the way through winter. "Bright prints are only meant for summer", I could not disagree more. Winter is dreary, its depressing and its dark so why not brighten up those winter days by donning and mixing up it solid colours and prints. If you ask me, checks, stripes and fur seem like a pretty great mesh.

Hope you are having a wonderful week!
Nokhuthula xo
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